New York Times - Sep 23 2019

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Clues Answers
'No problemo' EASY
'Oh yeah? You and what army?' SEZWHO
'The King and I' setting SIAM
'Too rich for my blood' IFOLD
'Whatever you want!' NAMEIT
'Yeah, sure!' IBET
... yaks, yaks, yaks CHATTERBOX
... yaks, yaks, yaks .. BLATHERSKITE
... yaks, yaks, yaks .. BLABBERMOUTH
12th grader SENIOR
Abbr. on a food label RDA
African nation whose name consists of three U.S. state postal abbreviations MALAWI
Aussie pals MATES
Baseball Hall-of-Famer Yastrzemski CARL
Big Band ___ ERA
Brambles BRIARS
Bumped-up publicity HYPE
Cash register drawer TILL
Cherry throwaway STEM
Christopher who directed the 'Dark Knight' trilogy NOLAN
Comedian's visual PROP
Creative inspiration MUSE
Culture medium in a lab AGAR
Disappear, as snow MELT
End in ___ (be deadlocked) ATIE
Expression of relief PHEW
Extremely lowbrow TRASHY
Eye amorously OGLE
Fashion STYLE
Film reel SPOOL
Finish line ribbon TAPE
Guns, as an engine REVS
Hellos and goodbyes, in Italy CIAOS
Home to more than 4.5 billion ASIA
Horse's 'fly swatter' TAIL
Island with a reef ATOLL
Jazzy Fitzgerald ELLA
Like a fairy tale duckling UGLY
Clues Answers
Lion's hair MANE
Little chuckle HEH
Long, tedious trip SHLEP
Lose one's footing SLIP
Make again, as hotel plans REBOOK
Makes the most of USES
Marching synchronously INSTEP
Member of a benevolent order ELK
Museo in Madrid PRADO
Museum curator's deg MFA
Old-time N.B.A. great Chamberlain WILT
On the ball AWARE
One fighting the status quo REBEL
One who might be caught off base AWOL
One who yaks, yaks, yaks .. TALKAHOLIC
Otherworldly EERIE
Passion ZEAL
Place to order bagels and lox DELI
Plant deeply EMBED
Prevent from happening THWART
Product Pittsburgh is famous for STEEL
Professors' addresses LECTURES
Puts two and two together ADDS
Q-tip tip SWAB
Sharp side of a blade EDGE
Sheryl Crow's '___ I Wanna Do' ALL
Sí: Spanish :: ___ : French OUI
Small fissures CREVICES
Some hippie neckwear BEADS
Something stuck through a vampire's heart STAKE
Squabble ARGUE
Supreme Court justice ___ Bader Ginsburg RUTH
The 'G' of L.G.B.T.Q.+ GAY
Turkey drumsticks LEGS
Vegas casino named for an African locale SAHARA
Web programming inits HTML
What a light bulb represents in the comics IDEA
Wine holder CASK
[Ah, me!] SIGH