The Washington Post Sunday - Sep 22 2019

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Clues Answers
#Boycott___ (gun-control activists' hashtag) NRA
'Beauty and the Beast' actress Watson EMMA
'Bonanza' role HOSS
'Dancing With the Stars' judge Goodman LEN
'Geez!' SHEESH
'Grease' actress Arden EVE
'Modern Family' actor Rodriguez RICO
'That's pretty good' NOTBAD
'The Night of the Iguana' co-star Ava GARDNER
'This instant!' NOW
'Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan' actress Cornish ABBIE
'___ Calling' (former Fox drama) TRU
'___ the Great' (kid lit series) NATE
'___ to Joy' ODE
24th-century android DATA
42 Down students ELIS
Admit (to) OWNUP
Alcoholic drink with little sweetness DRYBEER
Alcoholic drink with sweetness MEAD
Allows to pass LETSBY
AquAdvantage salmon and Arctic apples, e.g GMOS
Bottom of a vessel HULL
Brick-but-not-mortar business? LEGO
Bus. drivers CEOS
Byrds song about three shorebirds? TERNTERNTERN
Campaign ploy SMEAR
Cancel, as characters ERASE
Capital of Japan? YEN
Card game without strategy, ironically WAR
Cat's milk setting SAUCER
Celeb in 'Selena' JLO
Celine Dion song about her persevering deer? MYHARTWILLGOON
Charismatic quality ALLURE
Christopher in the miniseries 'Black Fox' REEVE
Circular cover LENSCAP
Con, e.g., in a debate SIDE
Condition of wonder AWE
Conductor who received the Kennedy Center Honors in 2015 OZAWA
Contents of 85 Down EAU
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song about nearly wounding their long-eared pet with a knife? ALMOSTCUTMYHARE
Decides (to) OPTS
Devices requiring PINs ATMS
Digestive fluid BILE
Diplomat based in NYC UNREP
Dissuade DETER
Don't acknowledge IGNORE
Drench SOP
Dull photo finish MATTE
Elvis Presley song about a legendary bird that's locked up? JAILHOUSEROC
Elvish symbols, e.g RUNES
Engine also called a 'flying stovepipe' RAMJET
Eric's 'Hulk' director ANG
Eternity, seemingly EON
Event with dates PROM
Evil half of a Stevenson character HYDE
Exceedingly EVERSO
Existed WERE
Fable, for one STORY
Fan's sound WHIR
Feature of some heels OPENTOE
Flexible fish EEL
Fruit named for its supposedly repulsive appearance UGLI
Frustrating experience HASSLE
Gloomy, as weather DREARY
Graduate school for Nyong'o and Streep YALE
Great Seal, e.g EMBLEM
Greeting on the bridge AHOY
Huey Lewis and the News song about desiring medication for a wildebeest? IWANTAGNUDRUG
Jacksonville NFL team, informally JAGS
Jerk's exercise partner? CLEAN
Clues Answers
Key used in combos ALT
Kinks song about being completely stumped by a sheep? EWEREALLYGOTME
Like 'Pet Sematary' EERIE
Like a D, vis-a-vis a C WORSE
Like many castles OLD
Like some lattes ICED
Lone Star State sch UTEP
Louis Prima song 'bout a leap plus hepcat slang plus a marine mammal? JUMPJIVEANWHALE
Makeup of Wallace and Gromit CLAY
Matter of Boyle's law GAS
Milk bath locale SPA
Minute, to a tot ITSY
More than capable ADEPT
Narcissists' big things EGOS
Noteworthy figure ICON
Nylon legwear HOSE
Occupants of beds and bushes ROSES
Odd yet fascinating EXOTIC
Omnivorous birds EMUS
One for the books? SCHOLAR
One of the main colors of the CMYK color model MAGENTA
Operative's assignment MISSION
Paleontologist's project DIG
Palindromic Ottoman official AGA
Part of speech? PAGE
Pet tiger in 'Aladdin' RAJAH
Pigs' pads STIES
Preserves preserver JAR
Produced, as produce GREW
Protagonist of Meagan Spooner's book 'Sherwood' MAIDMARIAN
Punch in a shop AWL
Put words in Word, say TYPE
Racy material SMUT
Reaction to a stunner GASP
Red-shirted chipmunk ALVIN
Redding who wrote the song 'Respect' OTIS
Remove, as a president OUST
Resettle in MOVETO
Ring full of orchids, maybe LEI
Romulan villain of 'Star Trek' NERO
Rouen's river SEINE
Rounded hammer part PEEN
Settles financially REPAYS
Shine like dew GLISTEN
Should there be one IFANY
Singer Grande, to fans ARI
Star's times to shine SOLOS
Stylebook concern USAGE
Subj. of 2013 leaks NSA
Subject of Itzcoatl AZTEC
Swirl, at a stove STIR
Tag time RECESS
Tian Tian at the National Zoo, e.g GIANTPANDA
Tony winner Linden HAL
Train song about greeting a flatfish sibling? HEYSOLESISTER
Treatment for a bee sting allergy EPIPEN
Triangular letter DELTA
Trigonometric ratios SINES
Trumpet-shaped flower PETUNIA
Vigoda of 'Fish' ABE
Violin piece? STRING
Volcán Barú's nation PANAMA
Watson's developer IBM
Western film trope DUEL
Where those who are out may hang out GAYBAR
Wine vat sediment LEES
Without extra verbiage TERSE
___ Coast EAST
___ predator APEX
___-'60s (LBJ era) MID