New York Times - Sep 22 2019

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Clues Answers
'A bit of talcum / Is always walcum' writer NASH
'Au contraire!' NOTSO
'I believe,' in Latin CREDO
'I feel the same way!' METOO
'Poppycock!' PISH
'Yecch!' GROSS
'___ minute' ('Be patient') INA
2010s dance move involving dipping the head to the elbow DAB
A quarter to four? ONE
Ab-targeting exercise equipment SBENCH
Accelerated alternative to broadband HIGHSPEEDD
Act of self-aggrandizement EGOTRIP
Aid for getting a boat in the water RAMP
Amber, originally RESIN
Ancient region of Asia Minor IONIA
Animal mimic? PARROT
Animal mimic? APE
Apiarist's hazard BEESTING
Article in Paris Match LES
Ask too much IMPOSE
Athlete's knee injury, familiarly TORNMCL
Bard's contraction TIS
Bitter fruits SLOES
Bouquet offerers, maybe BEAUS
Brand in the dessert aisle SARALEE
Character in 'Grease' who sings 'There Are Worse Things I Could Do' RIZZO
Cheese with a red covering EDAM
Chill in the air NIP
Christmas Eve no-no PEEK
Competitors in a classic advertising 'war' COLAS
Cry a river SOB
Deep distress GRIEF
Diez menos nueve UNO
Discarded computers and such EWASTE
Distant correspondent PENPAL
Distinctive part of a zebu HUMP
Doc at a clinic VET
Doctor Doom and Galactus, to the Fantastic Four ENEMIES
Door openers for journalists PRESSPASSES
Downed ATE
Dried chili peppers ANCHOS
Family name? MAFIA
Farm stat ACREAGE
Feature of many a Cape Cod house DORMER
Five books of Moses TORAH
Flamboyant rock genre GLAM
Flank or shank MEAT
Foe of Austin Powers DREVIL
Form 1099 fig SSN
Former leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel ELCHAPO
Fuel common in Scotland PEAT
Futuristic deliverer of packages DRONE
General on Chinese menus TSO
Give a nudge REMIND
Got up again REROSE
Hairstyling icon Vidal SASSOON
Holy, in Latin phrases SANCTI
Homer, for one POET
Host of the Oscars, Grammys and Emmys DEGENERES
Ignore for the time being LETRIDE
Inits. on 30 Rockefeller Plaza until 1988 RCA
It's twice twisted ESS
Kind of button SNOOZE
KOA visitors RVS
Large decorative letter at the start of a chapter DROPCAP
Large waterfalls CATARACTS
Lhasa ___ (dog) APSO
Like a jammed printer MISFED
Like many measuring cups and spoons NESTED
Like xenon or neon INERT
Clues Answers
Little 'un TOT
Little brats SNOTS
Lopes of R&B's TLC LISA
Losing Super Bowl LIII team RAMS
M.L.B. stat ERA
Maintain the impression of well-being KAPPEARANCES
Many an alibi LIE
Material for classic hockey sticks ASH
Method for identifying mystery callers REVERSEPHONEL
MGM rival of the '30s RKO
Mideast capital once known as Philadelphia AMMAN
Miniature spring bouquet VIOLETS
Money handler on a ship PURSER
Muscat citizen OMANI
O'Connor's Supreme Court successor ALITO
Oil painter's primer GESSO
Oktoberfest locales BeerGardens
One-dimensional LINEAR
Online instigator TROLL
Outer layer VENEER
Paint choice HUE
Pasta also called risoni ORZO
Played (around) HORSED
Popular moisturizing lotion KERI
Prepare, as pot roast BRAISE
Pummel with snowballs, say PELT
Put in order, in a way REALIGN
Puts to rest, as rumors DISPELS
Rainwater diverters EAVES
Rapper Azalea with the 2014 hit 'Fancy' IGGY
Reason for some bellyaching? ULCER
Reconciled, as a couple KISSEDANDM
Red-headed friend of Harry Potter RON
Response to 'Who's there?' ITSME
Roadside produce sellers STANDS
Roulette choice EVENS
Run amok GOWILD
Salon bed acquisition, perhaps BASETAN
Sammy with 609 career home runs SOSA
Screen-minimizing key ESC
See 46-Across ANDERSON
Set (down) LAID
Slack-jawed AGAPE
Some cheesecake photos PGIRLS
Something that comes with a sock POW
Subj. of Article 86 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice AWOL
Surgery sites, for short ORS
Symbol between two years, often ENDASH
Tagliatelle topper PESTO
Tender ender? LOIN
They might get collared PETS
This may shock you EEL
To the point TERSE
Top-drawer ELITE
Treat to reduce swelling ICE
Voltage-increasing electrical device STRANSFORMER
Waipahu wreath LEI
Weapons that are about 3 1/2 feet long EPEES
Weep for BEMOAN
Whack SWAT
What it is to kill a mockingbird, in 'To Kill a Mockingbird' SIN
When doubled, band with the 1984 #1 hit 'The Reflex' DURAN
With 12-Down, 'Isle of Dogs' director WES
Woman's name that's one letter off from a fragrant flower YASMINE
Wood for crafts and rafts BALSA
Work at a music school ETUDE
[Grrr!] IMMAD
___ Chex (old breakfast cereal) OAT
___-Aid KOOL