The Guardian - Speedy crossword No 1,251 - Sep 22 2019

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Clues Answers
(Casual) employee HIREDHAND
Affect familiarity with the rich and famous NAMEDROP
Beneficiary of a Will INHERITOR
Bone of the forearm ULNA
Depression, concavity DENT
Drive away DISPEL
Funereal or other accolade EULOGY
Go along with ACQUIESCE
Image, likeness EFFIGY
Improvised jazz singing SCAT
Clues Answers
In the distance YONDER
Prepares for an operation SCRUBSUP
Reach maturity COMEOFAGE
Room for negotiation LEEWAY
S-shaped line OGEE
Semidivine maidens NYMPHS
Serviette NAPKIN
Well-meaning falsehood WHITELIE
Written caption LEGEND