Universal - Sep 21 2019

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Clues Answers
"American Idol" quest STARDOM
"I'll take care of this" LETME
"I'm so frustrated!" AARGH
"Yeah, right!" NOT
(Air kiss) MWAH
A bogey is over it PAR
Appearances MIENS
Be in the red OWE
Butterfly or Bovary MADAME
Came down with HAD
Citified URBAN
Corona del ___, California MAR
Creditor's claim LIEN
Dazzle AWE
Diner sign OPEN
Drag queen's hair, usually WIG
Drives away REPELS
Even a bit ATALL
Fifth part of the mnemonic + melody = ___ FINETUNE
First part of a musical mnemonic + staff = ___ EVERYMAN
Fist bumps DAPS
Fourth part of the mnemonic + tempo = ___ DOESTIME
Fruit that's also a body shape PEAR
Globetrotter's base? HARLEM
Green topping for gnocchi PESTO
Hendrix hairstyle AFRO
Househusband, e.g HOMEMAKER
How something is done EXECUTION
Hunk of gunk GLOB
It's put in a pot ANTE
Kind of pay for a former employee SEVERANCE
LAPD title DET
Large-scale head count CENSUS
Legendary Himalayans YETIS
Like some nuts and caramels SALTED
Likely (to) APT
Made on a loom WOVE
Clues Answers
Mingling with AMONG
Mink's cousin SABLE
Missouri neighbor IOWA
Monkey, e.g SIMIAN
Mythical bird ROC
Number of stars on Texas' flag ONE
One may be rude AWAKENING
Onions' kin LEEKS
Otherwise ELSE
Paving goo TAR
Photocopier ancestor, briefly MIMEO
Plumber's pump type SUMP
Prefix for "liberalism" NEO
Races, as an engine REVS
Reasonable SANE
Responses to captains AYEAYES
Rhyming synonym of "clip" SNIP
Roasting spot? DAIS
Sch. founded by Jefferson UVA
Second part of the mnemonic + Dolls' musical partner = ___ GOODGUYS
Shakespearean fairy king OBERON
Showed bias LEANED
Sinus M.D ENT
Some showdowns DUELS
Something you can't do TABOO
Start of a tribute poem's title ODETO
Tattoo canvas SKIN
Terse refusal IWONT
Texter's qualifier IMO
Third part of the mnemonic + ensemble = ___ BOYBAND
To the ___ degree NTH
Tool often spelled without an "e" AXE
Treble clef lines often remembered by this puzzle's mnemonic EGBDF
TV rooms DENS
Utah Jazz's grp NBA
What percolators do DRIP
Wicked EVIL
Word before "clock" or "energy" ATOMIC