Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Oct 8 2019

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Clues Answers
'Got it' ISEE
'Life of Pi' director Lee ANG
'Sea' that's really a lake CASPIAN
'Wild Blue Yonder' mil. group USAF
007 creator Fleming IAN
A/C measures BTUS
Alias abbr AKA
Analogy words ISTO
Anticipate EXPECT
Apple product IPOD
Apr. check casher IRS
Argentinian dance TANGO
Arm's-length portrait SELFIE
Aye canceler NAY
Ballet attire TUTU
Batman portrayer Kilmer VAL
Beach crawler CRAB
Biblical boat ARK
Brussels native BELGIAN
Close NEAR
Clusters GROUPS
Coffee vessel URN
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Country singer Jackson ALAN
Deep sleeps COMAS
Flood protection LEVEE
Frighten SCARE
Genealogy chart TREE
Gloomy guy GUS
Half (Pref.) HEMI
Hereditary unit GENE
Hog haven STY
Hooligan RUFFIAN
Clues Answers
Illusionist MAGICIAN
Kimono sashes OBIS
La-la lead-in TRA
Largest continent ASIA
List-ending abbr ETAL
Mineral suffix ITE
Minor setback HICCUP
Not single-sex COED
Pester NAG
Prom rental TUX
Protuberance NODE
Put up, as curtains HANG
R-V link STU
Rabbit's title BRER
Rage IRE
Roundish do AFRO
Science room LAB
Screenwriter James AGEE
Shriver of tennis PAM
Slangy suffix OLA
Sneeze sound ACHOO
Snoop PRY
Socially awkward GEEKY
Soup container CAN
Spinning stat RPM
Stratagem RUSE
Type of slip or analysis FREUDIAN
Ultramodernist NEO
Waffle brand EGGO
Walking stick CANE
Wheelchair access RAMP
— out a living EKE