Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Oct 5 2019

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Clues Answers
'This — outrage!' ISAN
'You've got mail' ISP AOL
1933 Marx Brothers film DUCKSOUP
Abound TEEM
Billions of years EONS
Black Sea port ODESSA
Blemish MAR
Bridge SPAN
CEO's deg MBA
Chatter PRATE
Chinese chairman MAO
Circular window OCULUS
Dawn goddess EOS
Day light SUN
Earth sci ECOL
Expire LAPSE
Female hare DOE
From Dublin IRISH
Fruit dessert made with vanilla wafers BANANAPUDDING
Furniture brand IKEA
Health insurance giant AETNA
Highlander SCOT
Honda's upscale brand ACURA
Intends AIMS
Jason's ship ARGO
Language suffix ESE
Large soup dish TUREEN
Mao — -tung TSE
Melodies AIRS
Mexican snack TACO
Mid-month date IDES
Clues Answers
Montmartre Mrs MME
Museum-funding org NEA
Norway's capital OSLO
Oodles ALOT
Oscar-winning composer Legrand MICHEL
Pakistan's language URDU
Pulsate THROB
Punk-rock subgenre EMO
Push forward PROPEL
Pvt.'s superior SGT
Rebelled UPROSE
Rock's Brian ENO
Scooted RAN
Scored 100 on ACED
Shopper's aid CART
Solo of 'Star Wars' HAN
Speck DOT
Stratagem RUSE
Stray feline ALLEYCAT
Succor AID
Supermarket sections AISLES
Train driver ENGINEER
Two matching socks ONEPAIR
Under the weather ILL
Unprincipled AMORAL
Willies CREEPS
Wonderful SPLENDID
YMCA class CPR
— Mawr BRYN