New York Times - Sep 19 2019

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Clues Answers
'Coriolanus' setting ROME
'Me neither' NORI
'___ and the Lost City of Gold' (2019 movie) DORA
'___ queen!' ('You go, girl!') YAS
'___-di-dah!' LAH
1949 (first winner) PANTOMIMEQUIZ
1960s-'70s Israeli leader MEIR
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 MADMEN
2015, 2016, 2018 GAMEOFTHRONES
A mile a minute, e.g RATE
Abu Dhabi's land: Abbr UAE
Away from the bow AFT
Battlefield figure MEDIC
Beginner: Var TIRO
Beside ALONG
Bit of bicycling gear HELMET
Brought about OCCASIONED
Buffoon ASS
Bulgaria's capital SOFIA
Calendar abbr APR
Chain letters? SANDM
Completely behind ALLFOR
Cousin of a plum SLOE
Danger PERIL
Drink garnishes ZESTS
Ending with aero- DROME
Epitome of simplicity ABC
Fan's cry OLE
Food pkg. info NTWT
Futuristic assistants DROIDS
General tone TENOR
Half of nine? ENS
Have goals ASPIRE
Here, in Havana ACA
In the end LASTLY
Isolates, in business-speak SILOS
Lead-in that means 'Way to go!' ATTA
Clues Answers
Leave college sports early, say GOPRO
Like kited checks Fraudulent
Literally, 'frying pan' PAELLA
Little pest ANT
Missouri, with 'the' SHOWMESTATE
Most meek TAMEST
Most newspapers have them nowadays APPS
Music school deg MFA
Musical Yoko ONO
Ocean predator ORCA
Old space station MIR
One-named singer with the #1 hit 'Cheap Thrills' SIA
Palindromic girl ANNA
Place for trophies MANTEL
Pre-1917 rulers TSARS
Prefix with economics SOCIO
Principal STAR
Pronto ASAP
QB's stats TDS
Quarters ABODE
See 18-Across STORY
Shelfmates of Chips Ahoy! OREOS
Show piece ACT
Site of a Herculean feat NEMEA
Slangy negative AINT
Small jazz group TRIO
Some horses ARABS
Stats for eggheads IQS
Summit TOP
The Matterhorn is one ALP
Thorny plant BRIAR
Track that hosted Seabiscuit's final race SANTAANITA
URL ending NET
What each of the programs in this puzzle has won at least once PRIMETIMEEMMY
What trawlers trawl for FISH
With 71-Across, 2016, 2018 AMERICANCRIM
Worry FRET
___ Khan (Islamic title) AGA
___-mo SLO