Universal - Sep 18 2019

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Clues Answers
"Aladdin" villain JAFAR
"Monk" force, briefly SFPD
"Nick at ___" NITE
"Possibly" IMAY
"Star Wars" villain Kylo ___ REN
"Sweet Love" singer Baker ANITA
*Game show with a loud "Strike" sound effect FAMILYFEUD
*March Madness round with especially loud crowds FINALFOUR
*Meal where you hear the loud sizzle of batter FISHFRY
*Unruly cafeteria event with loud students FOODFIGHT
24-hr. cash dispensers ATMS
Array of resources ARSENAL
Arthur who won the Open Era's first U.S. Open ASHE
Astronaut Gus GRISSOM
Avoid a big wedding ELOPE
Bean paired with pecorino FAVA
Big lugs OAFS
Caribou's cousin MOOSE
Catan resource ORE
Cleaning cloths RAGS
Come apart, as a rope FRAY
Composer Copland AARON
Cut, or cut sound SNIP
Damon of "The Martian" MATT
Duct ___ TAPE
Establishes FORMS
Fallon's predecessor LENO
Feed, as a fire STOKE
Funds, as a scholarship ENDOWS
Game with Wild cards UNO
Going around in circles ASWIRL
Graf who won five U.S. Opens STEFFI
Hits lightly BOPS
Increase RISE
Interior designer Berkus NATE
Israeli diet? KNESSET
Make money PROFIT
Metric mass measure GRAM
Clues Answers
More than 50% MOST
Nightmare sources, perhaps FEARS
One of Hank Aaron's record 2,297: Abbr RBI
Parkinson's drug LDOPA
Past or present TENSE
Paving supply ASPHALT
Pet that's illegal in California FERRET
Program such as "The Allusionist" PODCAST
Progresso products SOUPS
Really impress AMAZE
Redding of soul OTIS
Relish containers JARS
Rudolph of "Bridesmaids" MAYA
Say "No thanks" PASS
Saying ADAGE
Sch. whose students get a discount at Monticello UVA
Sci-fi vehicles UFOS
Shade-tolerant bloomers AZALEAS
Shopping list components ITEMS
Silly, to a Brit DAFT
Simple song DITTY
Six mos. after March SEPT
Some tomatoes ROMAS
Spectrum GAMUT
Sticky secretion RESIN
Tabula ___ RASA
Take for ransom KIDNAP
Turn out the light? UNSCREW
Twitch chat symbol, informally EMOTE
Very loud, in music ... or a hint to the starred answers' initials FORTISSIMO
Way up a slope SKILIFT
Wee hour TWOAM
What an opening shot often does FADESIN
When many parks close DUSK
Whoop ___ ITUP
Wild way to run AMOK
___ Speedwagon REO