- Sep 17 2019

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Clues Answers
''Gotcha!'' AHA
''Laughing'' African beast HYENA
''That's a shame'' ALAS
''__ be a stranger'' DONT
5 or 72 Across, for short ABBR
Actress Hathaway ANNE
Airport screener agcy TSA
Alternatively ELSE
An additional amount MORE
Any hunted animal PREY
Aroma ODOR
Be wild about ADORE
Becomes angry GETSMAD
Bids bon voyage to SEESOFF
Boxing match venue ARENA
Cape Cod seafood SCROD
Ceases action STOPS
Checks for quality INSPECTS
Dealership's courtesy cars LOANERS
Destined (to be) FATED
Early afternoon ONE
Emcee's opening speech INTRO
Explorer __ the Red ERIC
Figure skating leap AXEL
First course, with a melted cheese topping FRENCHONIONSOUP
Futuristic novel genre SCIFI
Glide down snow SKI
Gourmet cook CHEF
Group of experts PANEL
Hair on an eyelid LASH
Hang __ (keep) ONTO
Incoming train stat ETA
Inquire ASK
Light browns TANS
Lima's country PERU
Long skirts MAXIS
Matador's adversary TORO
Meadows LEAS
Clues Answers
Metallic rocks ORES
More than enough AMPLE
New __ (India's capital) DELHI
Newspaper-printing machine PRESS
Oil-producing rock SHALE
Online auction site EBAY
Outer border EDGE
Oversize reference book ATLAS
Page of a book LEAF
PC bailout key ESC
Pigsty food SLOP
Playwright George Bernard __ SHAW
Point opposite WNW ESE
Price reduction event SALE
Public school support grp PTA
Relocation pro MOVER
Rural hotels INNS
See 35 Across SANDWICH
Small bay COVE
Small lake POND
Small pianos SPINETS
Smart __ (wise guy) ALECK
Soft boot material SUEDE
Special stress of a speech EMPHASIS
Spreadsheet input DATA
Summer place for kids CAMP
Swim meet location POOL
Taking quite a while LONG
That guy's HIS
Tooth specialist's deg DDS
Tylenol alternative ADVIL
Watching closely EYING
Watermelon covering RIND
What Jack Sprat couldn't eat FAT
Winter bug FLU
With 46 Across, bread with a ''chunk light'' filling TUNAFISH
Without a warranty ASIS
__-bodied (physically fit) ABLE