Universal - Sep 17 2019

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Clues Answers
"As I was going to St. ___ ..." IVES
"Gotcha" IMHIP
"Here we go ___!" AGAIN
"Shall we?" response LETS
"The Farewell" director Wang LULU
"Us" director PEELE
A phoenix rises from them ASHES
Actress Rachel Wood EVAN
Amazement AWE
Baseball stat or history period ERA
Be a lookout for, e.g ABET
Bedazzled big cat? BANGLEDTIGER
Bicycle theft deterrents LOCKS
Birth announcement possibility GIRL
Board game with pink pegs LIFE
Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Coal transport CAR
Could not abide HATED
Dick of old comics TRACY
Dip for a kebab TAHINI
Does as one's told OBEYS
Ducks under the covers, maybe HIDES
End of a countdown ONE
Far from skillful INEPT
Fierce Greek god ARES
Filleted BONED
Film winds around it REEL
Forget to mention OMIT
Fruits that British sailors used to prevent scurvy LIMES
Gaits slower than canters TROTS
GameCube successor WII
George who created Big Brother ORWELL
Giant Manning ELI
Gloves fit them like a glove HANDS
Gruesome camp raider? GRISLYBEAR
Healthful berry ACAI
Hugger from the deep? CUDDLEFISH
Hullabaloo ADO
Indian yogurt dip RAITA
Clues Answers
Joke around KID
Ketogenic ___ DIET
Kind of list for a significant other HONEYDO
Les Etats-____ UNIS
Like good advice, too often UNHEEDED
Little Havana's Florida city MIAMI
Lizard in a loose robe? KIMONODRAGON
Many a LEGO factory employee DANE
Move up and down BOB
Ms. Pac-Man's place MAZE
Nail, as a test ACE
Network airing court proceedings? ESPN
Off base, possibly: Abbr AWOL
One-third of a Cuban dance CHA
Orange Muppet ZOE
Part of L.A LOS
Piddling MERE
Privy to INON
San Fernando Valley neighborhood (SEARED anagram) RESEDA
Savanna group HERD
Scratch, perhaps MAR
Seniors' lobby, briefly AARP
Sign gas NEON
Soda bottle size LITER
Spanish surrealist Joan MIRO
Stage, as a famous battle REENACT
Steinbeck's birthplace SALINAS
Sticker not suitable for little kids? TACK
Surrendered CEDED
Swirls in optical illusions SPIRALS
Takeoff guess: Abbr ETD
Traditional Finnish bath SAUNA
Troublemaker HOOLIGAN
Upright relatives? GRANDS
Warrior pose, e.g ASANA
What dough does RISES
With the bow ARCO
___ & Gabbana DOLCE
___ B'rith BNAI