Family Time - Sep 16 2019

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Clues Answers
"7 Faces of Dr LAO
"Come again?" WHAT
(K) "Tell me more AND
(K) "___ it or lose it" USE
(K) 30 mph-running avian EMU
(K) Almost empty LOW
(K) Batman has one CAVE
(K) Big night for 12th-graders PROM
(K) Bike-tire letters PSI
(K) Billiards POOL
(K) Do film work ACT
(K) Does a dairy duty MILKS
(K) Epic tale SAGA
(K) Estate owner's document DEED
(K) Go through, as a script READ
(K) Group of 8 OCTET
(K) Like many charts GRAPHICAL
(K) Minimal tide NEAP
(K) Neither's sentence relative NOR
(K) Patriotic monogram USA
(K) Smartphone addition APP
(K) Start of a count ONE
A delicious dish VIAND
A rial spender OMANI
Cain's brother ABEL
Campbell of TV and film NEVE
Catch at Martha's Vineyard CODFISH
Clangor DIN
Clear jelly glaze ASPIC
Conductor's opening? SEMI
Containers for peas PODS
Cure-all PANACEA
Clues Answers
Desk accessory of old INKWELL
Did a Cuban dance CONGAED
Drain, as strength or energy SAP
Equipped and capable ABLE
Exigencies NEEDS
First-rate, old-school ACES
Flashy scarf BOA
Genetic stuff DNA
Get a move on HIE
Guest columnist's piece OPED
Hi-fi factor AUDIO
High-kicking French dance CANCAN
Ill-fated Karenina ANNA
Italy's "will be" SERA
Landlocked republic in eastern Africa UGANDA
Like the items on many lists TODO
Nettle PEEVE
Non-clashing color ECRU
Period of PC utilization UPTIME
Pie ___ mode (2 words) ALA
Place for bargains? BIN
Port city of Brazil RECIFE
Royal Russian, long ago TSAR
Serious aficionado, informally NUT
Travolta's onetime genre DISCO
Tuberous root of taroГ%82В plants EDDO
Uproarious commotion HOOHA
Volunteers live here TENNESSEE
Wasting no time ASAP
Wheel-ratchet engager PAWL
Wimbledon shot to be repeated LET
___-Cola COCA