Wall Street Journal - Sep 16 2019 - Back to Work

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Clues Answers
“Caribbean Blue” singer ENYA
“Delta of Venus” author Anaïs NIN
“Just ___ suspected!” ASI
“Not a problem” ITSOK
“Stormy Weather” singer Lena HORNE
“Swell!” NEATO
“Wish Tree” artist Yoko ONO
“You can say that again!” AMEN
Birthday greeting sent with a click ECARD
Blender brand OSTER
Bluegrass strings BANJOS
Boise’s state IDAHO
Bosom buddy PAL
Brouhaha ADO
Cancel out NEGATE
Canyon’s edge RIM
Causes pain HURTS
Cheese coated with red wax EDAM
Chef’s wear APRON
Christopher of “Superman” REEVE
Commodore’s superior REARADMIRAL
Computer at a Genius Bar MAC
Corleone played by James Caan SONNY
Country west of Togo GHANA
Dessert often topped with cream cheese frosting CARROTCAKE
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Efron of “The Greatest Showman” ZAC
Empty boasting BRAGGADOCIO
Equip RIG
Exploitative lending USURY
Fit to be tied IRATE
Foe of Foreman and Frazier ALI
Geoffrey of fashion BEENE
Give up, as land CEDE
Habitual drunk SOT
Handyman’s vehicle VAN
He filled O’Connor’s vacated seat ALITO
High anxiety PANIC
Human resources concern, and what each set of circled letters reveals JOBTURNOVER
Clues Answers
Judge at Yankee Stadium AARON
Luxury hotel chain OMNI
Lyricist Gershwin IRA
Made it past the club doorman GOTIN
Make corrections to EMEND
Make illegal BAN
Maker of Miatas MAZDA
Org. for the Chicago Sky and Seattle Storm WNBA
Piano support LEGS
Pilot’s landing guess: Abbr ETA
Port down the coast from Beirut TELAVIV
Post-workout treatment ICEBATH
Prepare to try again REGROUP
Printer paper size: Abbr LTR
Qatari dignitary EMIR
Radio studio sign ONAIR
Regatta participant ROWER
Rice or rye GRAIN
Rotate rapidly WHIRL
Rustic stop for travelers INN
Secluded valley GLEN
Shapiro of public radio ARI
She fell down a rabbit hole ALICE
Si Newhouse or Rupert Murdoch MEDIAMOGUL
Simple illustration LINEDRAWING
Six-sided game pieces DICE
Skin flick NUDIE
Soft & ___ (antiperspirant) DRI
Sprinted RAN
Squirrel snack ACORN
State flower of New Mexico YUCCA
Stephen King’s home state MAINE
Synthetic fabric RAYON
Teenage outburst? ACNE
TiVo predecessor VCR
Trip to the plate ATBAT
Use a swizzle stick STIR
Wide selection ARRAY
___ room (pool table locale) REC