New York Times - Sep 16 2019

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Clues Answers
'Kate & ___' (1980s TV show) ALLIE
'Let's do it!' IMIN
'Nova' airer PBS
'Nuh-uh!' NOTSO
'To be totally clear' ... or why to bring in a 17-, 27- or 45-Across? JUSTFORTHERECORD
'What ___ would you like?' ELSE
'Yadda, yadda, yadda ...': Abbr ETC
'___, humbug!' BAH
1960s vice president Humphrey HUBERT
Adjudicator of an attempt at a physical feat, say GUINNESSOFFICIAL
Aim for the basket SHOOT
Amble (along) MOSEY
Archaeologist's treasure RELIC
Assistant to Dr. Frankenstein IGOR
Atmosphere AURA
Auctioneers' mallets GAVELS
Births between Cancer and Virgo LEOS
Bramble BRIER
Channel for lovers of old films TCM
Charged particles IONS
Christmas purchase that's quickly thrown out TREE
Cosmopolitan or People, for short MAG
Deep blue dye ANIL
Design details, informally SPECS
Dish of thinly sliced raw meat CARPACCIO
Drag neckwear BOAS
Dutch ___ disease ELM
Early birds? EGGS
Eldest of the von Trapp children LIESL
Elton John musical based on a work by Verdi AIDA
Fe, on the periodic table IRON
Fellow members of a church BRETHREN
Fumbles ERRS
Genre for Puccini and Ponchielli OPERA
Gold or platinum METAL
Green 'X' for Microsoft Excel, e.g ICON
Half-___ (coffee order) CAF
Hole ___ (golf feat) INONE
Impolitely overlooks SNUBS
Clues Answers
June observance commemorating the Stonewall Riots PRIDEMONTH
Justice Kagan ELENA
Juul, e.g., briefly ECIG
L.A.'s ___ Arts District NOHO
Like most notebook paper LINED
Major manufacturer of soda can materials ALCOA
Mention as an example CITE
Monomaniacal captain of literature AHAB
More gleeful GAYER
Moreno of 'West Side Story' RITA
Nickname of King Edward VII BERTIE
Nietzsche's ideal man UBERMENSCH
Nine-to-five activity JOB
One versed in shorthand STENOGRAPHER
Oscar winner Sorvino MIRA
Pepsi-___ COLA
Pine secretions RESINS
Prefix with liberal NEO
Put away, as ashes INURN
Quaff made with honey MEAD
Question to a betrayer ETTU
Rapper Shakur TUPAC
Rear end BUTT
Rowboat propellers OARS
Sketch show with celebrity hosts, for short SNL
Small whirlpool EDDY
Standing straight ERECT
T. S. ___, poet who wrote 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock' ELIOT
Takes under advisement CONSIDERS
The 'S' of S.F SAN
Throw, as an anchor HEAVE
Vocalist who doesn't tour STUDIOSINGER
Whale found in every one of the world's oceans ORCA
What goes into a socket PLUG
What polytheists believe in GODS
Who 'I' refers to SELF
Wise one SAGE
Yogi's sounds while meditating OMS