The Washington Post - Sep 15 2019

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Clues Answers
'Agnes Grey' novelist ANNEBRONTE
'Carmen on Ice' Emmy sharer Brian ORSER
'Just wait ... ' YOULLSEE
'Mamma Mia!' song SOS
'Manifest' airer NBC
'No prob' YUP
'Oh, and another thing,' on a ltr PPS
'__ Lang Syne' AULD
'__ luck?' ANY
'__ Mine': George Harrison book IME
'__ that': 'On me' IGOT
Amber and silver ALERTS
Anthem contraction OER
Armenia, once: Abbr SSR
Astonished cries OHS
Bakers get a rise out of it YEAST
Ballet need TOESHOE
Brutus' 551 DLI
Buffalo's county ERIE
Buttery Boston bread PARKERHOUSEROLL
Cat burglar's asset STEALTH
Celebrate an anniversary, say EATOUT
Ceremonial pile PYRE
CIA relative NSA
Collar wearer, often PET
Control TAME
Corn Belt sight SILO
Crop up ARISE
Dangerfield's 'There goes the neighborhood,' e.g EPITAPH
De-grayed? DYED
Decides not to go SKIPSIT
Deep-water beauty OPAH
Do, as business TRANSACT
Drum major's move TWIRL
Emmy winner for 1997's 'George Wallace' SINISE
Exams for future 88-Downs LSATS
F equivalent ESHARP
Fateful day for Caesar IDES
Fossil fuel freighter COALER
Freeze over ICEUP
Galleria filler ARTE
Gator follower? ADE
Good way to take things INSTRIDE
Google __ CHROME
GPS suggestion RTE
Gunk and grime FILTH
Hard rain? SLEET
Idaho exports RUSSETS
Increase fraudulently PAD
Individual manners STYLES
iPhone downloads APPS
It isn't meant to be taken seriously FARCE
Its 'C' once stood for 'cash' NCR
Job that takes precedence PRIORITY
Kitchen additive HERB
Ladybug snacks APHIDS
Largest city on the island of Hokkaido SAPPORO
LAX posting SKED
LAX postings ETDS
LAX postings ARRS
League parts: Abbr DIVS
Leatherwork tools AWLS
Levels TIERS
Like a romantic evening MOONLIT
Like Richard of Almanack fame POOR
Maier with a swimwear label TOMAS
Maker of CarbSmart ice cream bars BREYERS
Clues Answers
Market section DAIRY
Match SYNC
Match play? ARSON
Medical screening tool TBTEST
Mercedes subcompact ACLASS
More genuine SINCERER
Muted colors PASTELS
Novelty 'pet' CHIA
Occupy, as a bar SITAT
Off the mark AWRY
Org. for shrinks APA
Over the moon EUPHORIC
Overseas seas MERS
Parisian possessive TES
Part of NCAA: Abbr ATH
Part of the NCAA: Abbr SCH
Paul's 'The Prize' co-star ELKE
Pop artist from Pittsburgh WARHOL
Popular charity event SILENTAUCTION
Preemptive action, proverbially ASTITCHINTIME
Prefix with scope HORO
Program blocker VCHIP
Puts an early stop to NIPSINTHEBUD
Red letters? GOP
Red Sea nation YEMEN
Refuse SAYNO
Retro photos SEPIAS
Right-to-left lang HEB
RNs' workplaces ERS
Roadie's burden AMP
Rock memoir ITINA
RR map dot STN
Rusty with a bat STAUB
Sandal feature TSTRAP
Schools of thought IDEOLOGIES
Sci-fi figure DROID
See 24-Across LUPONE
See 65-Across CROSS
See 99-Across DAS
Sharply focused INTENT
Shoe box spec EEE
Shore bird ERNE
Sign of neglect RUST
Soda purchase LITER
Some window units ACS
Source of sticker shock? THORN
South end? ERN
Spanish painter who influenced Pollock MIRO
Spoke from memory RECITED
Sporty ride, for short UTE
Sticky-edged squares POSTITS
Tailor's concern FIT
Take-home NETPAY
Team with a skyline in its logo METS
Theater opening? AMPHI
They're driven AUTOS
Tom Cullen's title on 'Downton Abbey': Abbr VISC
TV kid in Miss Crump's class OPIE
Wall Street threat HOSTILETAKEOVER
What gym members try to get in SHAPE
When it all started ONSET
Winter driving aids CHAINS
With 67-Across, what appears in each set of circles GREEK
With 98-Down, Broadway's first Evita PATTI
Word in a White House title FIRST
Wrap again, as an ankle RETAPE
Wrath, in a hymn IRAE
__ d'oeuvres HORS
__-la-la TRA