The Washington Post Sunday - Sep 15 2019

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Clues Answers
'Fighting' Big Ten team ILLINI
'Gimme one moment' INASEC
'Help me out here' INEEDAHAND
'Kodachrome' singer SIMON
'My Name Is Asher ___' (Chaim Potok book) LEV
'The Canterbury Tales,' e.g EPIC
'The Circus Animals' Desertion' poet YEATS
'The F Word' chef Gordon RAMSAY
'The Walking Dead' survivor Espinosa ROSITA
'What nonsense!' HAH
'What's ___ ...' MORE
'___ better to have loved and lost ...' TIS
'___ Bible' (2007 Arcade Fire album) NEON
15-time NBA all-star SHAQ
1957 Literature Nobelist CAMUS
1989 Martin Amis mystery adapted into a 2018 film (England) LONDONFIELDS
2001 Prince album that tells a story of a religious utopia (New York/Ontario) THERAINBOWCHILDREN
Acquire canines, say TEETHE
American Red Cross founder Barton CLARA
Apple debut of 1998 IMAC
Attraction without a straight orientation (England) LEANINGTOWEROFPISA
Baker's supply YEAST
Become lubricated for a bodybuilding contest OILUP
Blue ring, at times IRIS
Bride's potential maid of honor, briefly SIS
Challenger of authority REBEL
Chaney of horror LON
Charmingly dated QUAINT
Close to closed AJAR
Closest to none LEAST
Code carrier, maybe SPY
Collars NABS
Commend LAUD
Composer's instruments? PENS
Consecrate ANOINT
Content of some cubes SUGAR
Cool joint? HIP
Craft seen on game day BLIMP
Croft seen on game day? LARA
Currency in Portugal EURO
Disney duck princess whose name rhymes with a deli sandwich fish OONA
Does a triathlon leg SWIMS
Dueling blade RAPIER
Eucalyptus consumers KOALAS
Fawn's parent DOE
Filling, as a cake RICH
Flat-bottomed vessel BARGE
Fluctuate YOYO
Folklore menace OGRE
Food magazine based in a Big Apple borough (New York) EDIBLEBROOKLYN
Grouchy ORNERY
Heavy metal guitarist Donnie with an apt surname STEELE
In order NEAT
In ___ time REAL
Innocent sorts BABES
Instrument featured in a Ralph Vaughan Williams concerto TUBA
It can last 15 minutes FAME
It pays the Bills NFL
Jean-Luc Picard's command to jump to warp speed ENGAGE
Kanga's kid ROO
L.A. mayor Garcetti ERIC
Light bite NOSH
Like backroom deals SHADY
Like explosive compounds VOLATILE
Like some awakenings RUDE
Lustrous surface quality SHEEN
Make rise, as dough LEAVEN
Clues Answers
Mammal that has big calves but lacks calf bones ORCA
Material thing ENTITY
McDonald's magnate, or a bottle stopper in reverse KROC
Molokai movement HULA
Moo goo ___ pan GAI
Musician's quaver TRILL
Nation in which people spend pounds SYRIA
Nation that has 11 governorates OMAN
National flower of Venezuela ORCHID
Noise from a ghoul MOAN
Old military outpost that served as a battle site during the War of 1812 (Michigan) FORTMACKINAC
One making a scene? NOVELIST
Orchestrate ARRANGE
Organ that's often lent EAR
Pencil in a cosmetics store EYELINER
Pequod captain AHAB
Perceptive KEEN
Picked up with effort HEFTED
Pieces of one's heart? ODES
Potato sack measures, for short LBS
Private sector? BOOTCAMP
Pub pint ALE
Pundit's offering VIEW
R and R in Rochester, e.g ENDS
Ram rod? AXLE
Range of some flutes ALTO
Red River capital HANOI
Red wedding garment, perhaps SARI
Reminder of a blow WELT
Reproduce, in a way PRINT
Reproduced BRED
Revel (in) BASK
Ricky Martin's 'Livin' la Vida ___' LOCA
Ring worn on a beach LEI
Scandinavia's Tiger City OSLO
Semisolid stuff GEL
Series of numbers? GLEE
Setting in the 2012 book 'Narcopolis' OPIUMDEN
Settings' settings TABLES
She has 2020 visions WARREN
Sheepish? OVINE
Shimmer, as a milky gem OPALESCE
Shirt tag's location NAPE
Site of the oldest public Japanese garden in the U.S. (California) GOLDENGATEPARK
Slip past ELUDE
Some feds TMEN
Spelunking locale GROTTO
Spheres AREAS
State strongly ASSERT
Steak specification RARE
Store hours word TIL
Strings for Apollo LYRE
Style for the composer Leonardo Vinci OPERASERIA
Subs, by another name GRINDERS
Timely windfall BOON
Title role for Ellen Page JUNO
Took off FLED
Tool with tines RAKE
Triage sites, briefly ERS
Trifled (with) TOYED
Wagon pullers in 'The Oregon Trail' OXEN
Winged annoyances GNATS
Word that, if read as a command, suggests that you should remove it after writing it down ERASE
___-Federalists ANTI