New York Times - Sep 14 2019

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Clues Answers
'... or possibly not even that' IFATALL
'Beware the ___ of a patient man': Dryden FURY
'Ecce homo' speaker PILATE
'Frozen' reindeer SVEN
'More info will be coming' DETAILSTOFOLLOW
'My God!,' to Jesus ELOI
'What are you waiting for?!' CMON
A.L. Central team CLE
Biggie in the rap business SMALLS
Bobby in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame DARIN
Break from the rat race METIME
Breathless AGOG
Cambodian bread RIEL
Certain Middle Easterner YEMENI
Chaotic situation ZOO
Citation provider COP
Employment opportunity OPENING
Enjoyed, in a way ATE
European coal center RUHR
Evidence of a past hanging NAILHOLE
Excel spreadsheet function EDATE
Finishing a sentence, say INSTIR
Fish with a symbiotic relationship with sharks REMORAS
Fix a flat? RESOLE
Fop's accessory CRAVAT
Form of the Italian 'to be' ERI
Frisky grp.? TSA
Get cozy (with) PALUP
Golfer's concern LIE
Home to the Woody Guthrie Center TULSA
Hoppy medium, for short? IPA
In base eight OCTAL
Clues Answers
Keeps distracted AMUSES
Like G-rated vis-à-vis PG-13 and R-rated language TAMEST
Little sucker LEECH
Loved ones IDOLS
Marriageable, quaintly NUBILE
More gray-tinted ASHIER
Narcotized condition STUPOR
Old Eur. domain HRE
On the decline WANING
One laying down on the job? TILER
One of 23 for Matt Stairs (an M.L.B. record) PINCHHITHOMERUN
One with a 20-Across TENANT
Ones needing a good memory, it's said LIARS
Picked up a split, e.g SPARED
Prints and such ART
Puts away quickly, in a way SNARFS
Repeated chant in 'Hot Hot Hot' OLEOLE
See 12-Down LEASE
Shadow TAIL
Sharing of a moral viewpoint to gain social approval VIRTUESIGNALING
Sharp remark GIBE
Symbol of angular velocity OMEGA
They help drivers get rid of their slices PIZZADELIVERIES
Things that are sometimes brokered PACTS
Way out EGRESS
What an anemic person might lack MINERAL
What the Ponte Vecchio spans ARNO
Where Joan of Arc was held captive ROUEN
Word appearing twice in a Shakespeare title MEASURE
Word found three times in the unofficial U.S. Postal Service motto NOR
Work the soil TILL
___ fixe IDEE
___ supra (Latin phrase in a scholarly paper) UBI