Irish Times (Crosaire) - Sep 14 2019

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Clues Answers
A fair amount of fat in flipping rice cake ECLAIR
Accepted a mate, joining the institute that is United, dived TOOKTHEPLUNGE
Educationalist retires in impoverishment SIR
Endless wireless communications initially on a line that's a revolutionary type RADICAL
Fatty part of the tuna is not cooked in Canada TORONTO
Fires court figures starting off INGLES
Foot the bill for raising containment of Barbary apes PAY
Get together for clip of pugilist taking the head off boxer HOOKUP
Have a liking for a menu or treat ENAMOUR
Hook by Ultimate Heavyweight in bout grounds leading newcomer BUTTON
It is found in sun block although it's alien to some of us VISITOR
Knowhow to start to fish in part of ship KEEL
Leo is no longer in the lineout for company UNIT
Let go a hammer smoothly LEGATO
Listens in coming out of Marxist-Leninist Square one associates with mathematician MATRIX
Little Rock's description of park with accommodation in place in Dublin PEBBLY
Local American address in Oklahoma City MAC
Ludicrously embellish for Shell? OVEREGG
New album by legend is over the top and a pain in the rear LUMBAGO
Clues Answers
No top for opening pack reduced with old herb OREGANO
One raised in 20 down and in the flowerbed IRIS
Part of the family includes a line from a large house SALON
Recipe in Angola? Bananas served up for breakfast! GRANOLA
Resided over with underworld boss? DEVIL
Retired - presumably, this is what the gardener with the nightshade did? TOOKTOONESBED
Run into State Police in the dead centre of the hospital CORPSE
Sample of Buffalo Bill's pelt LOB
Seized part of Dublin and showed no respect TOOKLIBERTIES
Selected on all sides today TOOK
Shirley said take the last goodie away from one who's bad-tempered SURLY
Showing off daring clip from a party BRAVADO
Some State welcomes Queen providing immunity for the royal blood presumably SERUM
Storms out of stockrooms and out of the kitchen COOK
The price of confession produced by coppers arresting fellow blowing his top PENANCE
The state of the beehive and rose from Art House UTAH
Those around the borders to come home for the publication TOME
Upsetting in Louisiana, Oklahoma? That's a riddle you won't work out! KOAN
What someone with gripe did to withdraw from special case TOOKEXCEPTION