Irish Times (Simplex) - Sep 13 2019

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Clues Answers
''A rose by any other ... would smell as sweet'' (Romeo and Juliet) NAME
Abided by, rules say OBSERVED
Affix, fasten to ATTACH
Commences STARTS
Complying with commands OBEDIENT
Devices that warn with a loud wailing noise SIRENS
Differ, dissent DISAGREE
Divide into two parts BISECT
Existing in fact, real ACTUAL
Expressive motions GESTURES
Game played in the strange sable lab BASEBALL
Gives rise to CAUSES
Hero-worships IDOLISES
Imprison the young doctor without trial INTERN
In music, it has quarter the time value of a whole note CROTCHET
It hardens when mixed with water CEMENT
Clues Answers
Mean, tight MISERLY
Member of a nomadic tribe of Arabs BEDOUIN
Narrate or associate RELATE
Neat volcano overturned ETNA
Pale blue flower in beer hall, oddly HAREBELL
Petition to a higher court APPEAL
Puts out, a statement perhaps ISSUES
Reasons to do something PURPOSES
Resist, go against OPPOSE
Showing understanding and entering into another's feelings EMPATHIC
Stated emphatically, refusing to budge INSISTED
Tall perennial grass REED
The ability to move quickly and easily AGILITY
The wearing away by weather EROSION
Trellis to train shrubs to grow flat ESPALIER
Wheel-hoop TYRE