L.A. Times Daily - Sep 12 2019

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Clues Answers
"Are you getting 100%?" cereal TOTAL
"Garfield: __ of Two Kitties" ATAIL
"Moonlight Sonata" opening movement, e.g ADAGIO
"Scram, varmints!" GIT
"This __ / Doth to our rose of youth rightly belong" (Shakespeare) THORN
"Where __ sign?" DOI
2017 "Hello, Dolly!" Tony winner MIDLER
Aerodynamic SLEEK
Beer belly PAUNCH
Befuddled ATSEA
Big Easy cuisine CREOLE
Billing nos ACCTS
Bonn : Wasser :: Barcelona : __ AGUA
Bridal gown storage option DRESSBAG
Brit's afternoon drink ASPOTOFTEA
Capital on the Tiber ROME
Charcuterie fare MEATS
Cheerleader's cry GOTEAM
Classic American board game symbolized by this puzzle's circles CHUTESANDLADDERS
Classic movie theaters RKOS
Clotheshorse FOP
Co-worker of Lane and Olsen KENT
Common Market letters EEC
Deceptive TRICKY
Deceptive appearance GUISE
Dove, e.g SOAP
Dromedary feature HUMP
Egypt's cont AFR
Eighteenth, usually LASTHOLE
Excludes BANS
Famille member ONCLE
Fish often fried COD
Gulf of Oman vessel OILER
Hot tub sigh AAH
Hybrid fruits UGLIS
Inoffensive BENIGN
Insurance giant AETNA
Intrusive MP3 files AUDIOSPAM
It was originally a sitting meditation pose ASANA
It'll never work DUD
Clues Answers
Jack of "Barney Miller" SOO
Knesset country ISRAEL
Likely to react? SASSY
Maple yield SAP
Martial arts teacher SENSEI
Needle TEASE
Neutral tone ECRU
New Deal agcy NRA
Nymph associated with Artemis OREAD
Out of practice RUSTY
Penne __ vodka ALLA
Place to play ARENA
Pulled a chair up to SATAT
Quaint sleeping coach PULLMANCAR
Raised landform BUTTE
Sch. with a Brooklyn campus LIU
See 72-Across OUT
Skirt fold PLEAT
Sleep soundly? SNORE
Sleight of hand RUSE
Soccer star Rapinoe MEGAN
Stable baby FOAL
Stand buy ADE
Target, as a receiver PASSTO
Tiny tunnelers ANTS
Took to heart HEEDED
TV's Arthur BEA
Unlikely to react INERT
With 22-Down, intimidate PSYCH
Writer Bombeck ERMA
Young salamanders EFTS
__ Bay Rays TAMPA
__ La Table: cookware shop SUR
__ Plaines DES
__ sauce SOY