New York Times - Sep 12 2019

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Clues Answers
'Fuhgeddaboudit!' NOSOAP
'Happy Motoring' sloganeer, once ESSO
'Hoo boy!' MANOHMAN
'It's a ___' ('I've changed') NEWME
'Oh, I'm supposed to be in the line over there'? THATSMYQUEUE
'Well, isn't that fancy!' OOLALA
'You got me' IDUNNO
2001 title role for Audrey Tautou AMELIE
Actor Reeves KEANU
Air hub between LAX and Sea-Tac SFO
Alitalia : Italy :: ___ : Poland LOT
Assessed lasciviously EYEDUP
Asthmatic's aid INHALER
Author of the best-selling children's book 'Matilda' DAHL
Bonus features on some DVDs OUTTAKES
Butter, in a dieter's eyes BADFAT
Cat's opposite SQUARE
City once represented in Congress by Beto O'Rourke ELPASO
Count for a Facebook post LIKES
Dog with an upturned tail AKITA
Ed of 'Up' ASNER
Escape FLEE
Extremity LIMB
Flight board abbr ETD
Flowers named after the Greek physician of the gods PEONIES
Flutter one's eyelids, say STIR
Fury at a husband leaving his entire estate to his mistress? WIDOWSPIQUE
Grandson of Abraham ESAU
Grendel, e.g BEAST
Image on the back of a Canadian nickel BEAVER
Japanese plum LOQUAT
Least crisp, as an apple MEALIEST
Longtime staple of Thurs. night TV CSI
Look at, biblically SEEST
Many a scuba destination REEF
Mitch who wrote 'Tuesdays With Morrie' ALBOM
Modern sweetie BAE
NPR host Shapiro ARI
One using foul language? UMP
Clues Answers
One, on a one UNUM
Org. that might check your pockets TSA
Org. that might pocket your checks IRS
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
Place in canopic jars, say INURN
Posting at many a park entrance MAP
Prevents AVERTS
Pull a cork from UNSTOP
Reason to wear a brace KNEEPAIN
Refrain from 'Mulan' before 'With all the force of a great typhoon' BEAMAN
Secondhand sale stipulation ASIS
Short staff? ELVES
Silverback, e.g APE
Smudge on a theater sign? MARQUEEMARK
Snags NABS
Some alcohol smuggled into a rodeo, say? BOOTLIQUOR
Some Labor Day events, informally BARBQS
Some triage pros ERNURSES
Spinal Tap vis-à-vis 1980s rock bands PARODY
Stained-glass window locale APSE
Status ___ QUO
Sturm ___ Drang UND
Sunburn aid ALOE
Thataway, from a crow's-nest THAR
Those against NAYS
Tony winner Hagen UTA
Top of a schedule, maybe LINEA
Trespasser's warning GRR
Verdi's '___ tu' ERI
Very thought-provoking DEEP
Walt Disney's older brother ROY
What 'team' has, it's said NOI
What an in-group uses for fishing? CLIQUEBAIT
What Elvis Aaron Presley's middle name is spelled with on his birth certificate ONEA
Without betraying emotion STOLIDLY
Word with suit or blanket WET
Words after 'You can't fire me!' IQUIT
World of Warcraft, e.g., for short RPG