The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,153 - Sep 11 2019

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Clues Answers
A person who's followed could be quiet and expert compiler of crosswords PACESETTER
Area in shade will be soil TAINT
Article in office journal cut PAPERCLIP
Carry drink left on board SUPPORT
Cycling Leeds roads will make you this! SADDLESORE
Decline work under medical professional DROP
Ends trials with men undergoing a change TERMINALS
Establishment play for time beset by independent people INSTALLATION
Full of regret about church magic SORCERY
Go out and send back couple carrying cross EXIT
Got the better of untalked-of criminal OUTFLANKED
Group importing revolutionary rum fold PADDOCK
Hears about policeman arresting Republican tenant farmer SHARECROPPER
Help around new store, like a star ASTEROID
ID subsumed by rising group trends TIDES
Clues Answers
Instigator of heavy metal in bell RINGLEADER
International relations destabilising Olympic day endlessly DIPLOMACY
Islands with shade -- that's the central point KEYSTONE
Jesting about one's 1 Across on flight BANISTER
Language rejected by cryptographer ARGOT
Ornamental building needing a party space set up PAGODA
Pay attention to river rising below hospital HEED
Poles initially expecting to be thin on the ground SPARSE
Rather narrow-minded about head of religion PRETTY
Recommendation of a daughter on immorality? ADVICE
Ridicules date disheartened with fairground attractions DERIDES
Run off a quantity of cloth BOLT
Speaker has one old piece set to music ORATORIO
Talk about Liberal repeatedly causes annoyance GALLS
Working dog getting hold of bird without delay ONTHENAIL