USA Today - Nov 6 2019

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Clues Answers
'2 Broke Girls' diner cook OLEG
'Almost ready!' INASEC
'Red' coin CENT
Assist in the weight room SPOT
Baby shower offering GIFT
Barely any AFEW
Be louder than, with 'out' DROWN
Beetle-shaped amulet SCARAB
Caffeine kick JOLT
Cattle farm crew RANCHHANDS
Cite, as a Yogism QUOTE
Coat rack protrusions HOOKS
Contact by phone, in a way TEXT
Custer, to Sitting Bull FOE
Custodians' tools MOPS
Diplomat's skill TACT
Far from stuffy AIRY
Flickr postings IMAGES
Found contemptible DESPISED
Freelance author's pitch QUERY
Gastric juice, e.g ACID
Get decked out DRESS
Group playing 1960s hits, e.g COVERBAND
Halloween treat with orange creme OREO
Hannity of Fox News SEAN
Happy emoji SMILEYFACE
House Stark patriarch NED
Hunk's physique BOD
Impose, as a 3-Down LEVY
In prime condition MINT
In progress, to Holmes AFOOT
Ingredient in some salves ALOE
Insert, Delete et al KEYS
Keep from happening DETER
Knee-bending dance LIMBO
Lacking lumps EVEN
Le Mans entrant RACER
Lindsay of 'Mean Girls' LOHAN
Londoner's 'Pardon me . . .' ISAY
Clues Answers
Lotus-___ (daydreamer) EATER
Medulla's place BRAINSTEM
Mimic with contempt MOCK
Most populous continent ASIA
Muscular Japanese dog AKITA
Nick of 'Hulk' NOLTE
Number in a sound check ONE
Nyasaland, now MALAWI
On-again, off-again SPORADIC
Opera libretto listing ARIA
Out-and-out UTTER
Places to boat and fish LAKES
Practical joker's deed PRANK
Propel, as a rickshaw PULL
Protrude, as a chin JUT
Pungent produce buy ONION
Pungent, pale-blue gas OZONE
Regrouping strategy PLANB
Salt, dry or smoke CURE
Scratch the surface of MAR
Sewer rodents RATS
Ship's shelter COVE
Shown in a theater, say ONSCREEN
Soccer goal part NET
Speeder's risk FINE
State boldly AVOW
Tapped trees MAPLES
Teri of 'Tootsie' GARR
The wrinkly Simpson ABE
Tops with buttercream, say ICES
Toward sundown WEST
Transvaal trekkers BOERS
Trebek with answers ALEX
TV daughter of Jed Bartlet ZOEY
Webmaster's creation SITE
Welsh rarebit base RYETOAST
Where to buy a 'cream puff' CARLOT
Winfield in Cooperstown DAVE
Word in Christmas songs SNOW