USA Today - Oct 29 2019

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Clues Answers
'=' key sharer PLUS
'A Fine Romance' composer Jerome KERN
'Metamorphoses' poet OVID
'This ___ hurt a bit' WONT
'Who's Who' article, briefly BIO
Bolshevik leader LENIN
Bratislava native SLOVAK
Cabbage unit HEAD
Camcorder function FOCUS
Cash, e.g ASSET
Chem teacher, e.g PROF
Cherry-colored CERISE
Chinese cookery utensil WOK
Cleveland in Washington GROVER
Coxswain's crew ROWERS
Cub Scout units DENS
Dietary fat unit GRAM
Diner desserts PIES
Eject, as lava SPEW
Elephant gone amok ROGUE
Enjoyed Bazooka CHEWED
Far from stringent LAX
Garden nuisance WEED
Garment with loads of pocket space CARGOSHORTS
Gorilla researcher Dian FOSSEY
Has a bug AILS
Have a jones for CRAVE
Hot or iced brew TEA
Insert into the lineup USE
Jane who loved Rochester EYRE
John who narrated 'Winnie the Pooh' CLEESE
Lea female EWE
Learning by repetition ROTE
Less likely to be spotted RARER
Life of Riley EASE
Like a typical Halloween mask UGLY
Like many coffee orders TOGO
Like some graduate exams ORAL
Links hazard TRAP
Clues Answers
Links org PGA
Lorelei's river RHINE
Lover of Psyche EROS
Make turbulent ROIL
Marbled bread, perhaps RYE
Militarily strong nations POWERS
Mob enforcer GOON
Narcissist's love SELF
One of many around Cornell GORGE
Paddock youngsters FOALS
Paper towel layer PLY
Pat down for weapons FRISK
Pennies, in some games ANTES
Portraitists' supplies OILS
Print shop supply TONER
Protectors of lowlands LEVEES
Proves false BELIES
Provided a spread for FED
Publisher paid by authors VANITYPRESS
Refrigerant brand FREON
Reno's waters TRUCKEERIVER
S.S. ___ (Kmart, originally) KRESGE
Several reps SET
Shout after a hook, perhaps FORE
Skater's leap AXEL
Sleep-disturbing fairy tale veggie PEA
Slob's creation MESS
Smelter input ORE
Star of the silent movie 'The General' BUSTERKEATON
Suitable for farming ARABLE
Summit successes PACTS
Talk show invitees GUESTS
Threat ender ORELSE
U.S. Army E-3 PFC
Venerable cookie OREO
Whooping bird CRANE
WWII nickname IKE
Yale, Cornell, etc IVIES
___-Cat (winter vehicle) SNO