L.A. Times Daily - Sep 11 2019

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Clues Answers
"Amadeus" subject MOZART
"Booksmart" director Wilde OLIVIA
"Diamonds & Rust" folk singer Joan BAEZ
"Mangia!" EAT
"Roar" singer Perry KATY
60 secs MIN
Actress Gasteyer ANA
Aqua in Aquitaine EAU
Arp contemporary DALI
Board game gadget SPINNER
Braying beast ASS
Brazilian vacay destination RIO
Checkout counter unit ITEM
Chinese "way" TAO
Craze FAD
Develop a liking for TAKETO
Do the math ADD
Doctor in training INTERN
Eminent scholar SAVANT
EPA mandates, taken together ECOLAW
Eye part CORNEA
Gibbons of TV talk LEEZA
Gobsmacked AMAZED
Hop, skip and jump CAVORT
Jewish Festival of Lights HANUKKAH
Justice league?: Abbr ABA
Kissy-kissy AMOROUS
Leaning BIAS
Letters on Broadway-bound letters NYNY
Lingerie brand BALI
Magnetism ALLURE
Mate, across the Channel AMI
Mets slugger Pete who won the 2019 Home Run Derby ALONSO
Clues Answers
New York waterway HUDSONRIVER
Nightmare loc. of film ELMST
Not even a little high STONESOBER
Notable time span ERA
OTC antacid brand ZANTAC
Palm fruit DATE
Pianist de Larrocha ALICIA
Places for scrubs and wraps SPAS
Poe's "The Murders in the __ Morgue" RUE
Possess OWN
Prof's helpers TAS
Psychedelic decorative light LAVALAMP
Quaint "Tsk!" FIE
Ready and willing partner ABLE
Repairs, as infield grass RESODS
Savory taste UMAMI
Shark or Dyson, briefly VAC
Sheikdom of song ARABY
Ship captains, e.g SEAMEN
Short cut BOB
Signaled slyly WINKED
Simon & Garfunkel hit, and hint to the starts of 17-, 24-, 48- ... and 35-Across, too! IAMAROCK
Story of life after death? OBIT
Structure renamed for a president in 1947 BOULDERDAM
Type, as data KEYIN
University of Nevada city RENO
Unscrambling device DECODER
Video-sharing site VIMEO
Where lowers lie LEA
Whoopi's Oscar role in "Ghost" ODAMAE
Worked on text EDITED
Youngest Marx brother ZEPPO
Zealous crusades JIHADS
__ Jima IWO
__ Mahal TAJ
__ Sanders, only athlete to play in both the Super Bowl and World Series DEION