The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1437

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Clues Answers
American navy in Naples moved north pennsylvanian
Around six fifty, complain CAVIL
Become more compassionate, perhaps, or arrogant UPPITY
Case prepared for holiday? Exciting! action-packed
Deadly reptiles decapitated insects ASPS
Direction was rated poorly EASTWARD
Drinker reflected about something to smoke TOPER
Huge birthday meal? Deal with the candles! blow-out
I cap rate, revised for a hefty fee at a price
News of the French cricket match LATEST
Nick a result? SCORE
Number any do, possibly twelve NOONDAY
Clues Answers
Plant that’s unusual astounded Reg adders-tongue
Plumbism oddly appearing in the locals PUBS
Provides, at home, underclothes INVESTS
Riotous party in joint with drink knees-up
River, one west of North Dakota, America INDUS
Selling agent, maybe, even more hard up? BROKER
Shaking booty next to head of your younger partner toy boy
So about to drop litter, the swine! in pig
Some cruets apparently brought back for chemist PASTEUR
Supervised and completed cut OVERSAW
Teams close to abyss on fateful day in Rome SIDES
They’re for gentle decline, rather than going downhill fast nursery slopes