- Sep 10 2019

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Clues Answers
''Bald'' bird EAGLE
''Look what I did!'' TADA
''Tiny'' Dickens boy TIM
'70s dance club DISCO
After-game summary RECAP
Alaska or Arkansas STATE
As perfect as possible IDEAL
Broadway awards TONYS
Canoe or kayak BOAT
Casual conversation CHAT
Comes to a halt STOPS
Conqueror's domain EMPIRE
Corn core COB
Corrosive liquid ACID
Do, re, or mi NOTE
Doing nothing IDLE
Dressed (in) CLAD
End a dispute SETTLE
Familiar saying OLDSAW
Fills a suitcase PACKS
Finale END
First claim, slangily DIBS
Foldaway bed COT
French-speaking Caribbean nation HAITI
From this neighborhood LOCAL
Game played with a baby PEEKABOO
Go off-script ADLIB
Gotten a glimpse of SEEN
Highest cards in bridge ACES
Hole making tools AWLS
Hotel's place to swim POOL
Interest-paying govt. securities TBONDS
Jack Horner's boast WHATAGOODBOYAMI
Leg joint KNEE
Mails off SENDS
Mexican food that's folded TACO
Mix together smoothly BLEND
Mix with a spoon STIR
Narrow advantage EDGE
Clues Answers
Narrow road LANE
Nile snakes ASPS
Occupation ending for mob or poll STER
Oil cartel OPEC
On an even __ (balanced) KEEL
Online message EMAIL
Pet hamster's home CAGE
Physicians' grp AMA
Pollution monitoring org EPA
Pottery oven KILN
Promote excessively HYPE
Pumpkin pie seasoning ALLSPICE
Quick swims DIPS
Religious faction SECT
Repair, as a trouser leg PATCH
Room just below a roof ATTIC
Sicily's country ITALY
Small scratches NICKS
Sneaker or sandal SHOE
Southeastern European SERB
Sports cable station ESPN
Start flying TAKEWING
Swearing-in ritual OATH
Taste of food BITE
They're stuffed into socks BAREFEET
Titled British woman DAME
Toboggan, for example SLED
Treaty PACT
Unifying idea THEME
Upscale German car BMW
Wear away ERODE
Weight-loss program DIET
What Jack Be Nimble jumped over CANDLESTICK
What Jack went to fetch with Jill PAILOFWATER
Women's links org LPGA
Young boy LAD
__ a time (singly) ONEAT
__ Canaveral, FL CAPE