The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27452

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Clues Answers
Be reasonable as men seek to be redeployed make sense
Beat disease suffocating lion losing energy THROB
Begrudge gift, heading off RESENT
Boxing manager’s leisure time left creditor furious funeral director
Bribe Society with tiny note, half-heartedly SWEETENER
Did exhaust part for American’s car by day TIRED
Disease in granny's heart and chest, lacking oxygen ANTHRAX
Fifty fail to appear in entire contest COMPETE
Find vessel inside, set back turn up
Firm initially monitors scheme to import island’s beef COMPLAIN
Grills fruits at Halloween, excluding family PUMPS
Hard to believe doing without credit, hard to swallow INEDIBLE
Horseman spots revolutionary engaging our lot HUSSAR
Irish sea area, run down, gallons escaping MALIN
Large sea bream tormented ray laser beam
Clues Answers
Legal advisor, hence authorised to meet troops SOLICITOR
Like green areas in gym PLEASE
Moneylender, ambiguous, dumping first of accounts receivable UNCLE
Officer coming across a fine hole in one exposed seam COALFACE
Old friend of Hamlet ignoring King's hunting call YOICKS
One hates dragging on small donkey in middle of fun run NONSMOKER
One million beans perhaps creating sudden urge IMPULSE
One saying “No” does perhaps encapsulate part of UK DENIER
Philby stops one like him revealing a lot SKIMPY
Psychic here taking in Channel Islands PRESCIENT
Retailer only stocks flight controller AILERON
Simple duties can, when mixed with this absorbing work UNSOPHISTICATED
Steer game where Blues won OXBRIDGE
Still dealing with infringement RETORT
World book finally abridged ATLAS