The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,151 - Sep 9 2019

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Clues Answers
& 15 Down A cocktail relaxed Bryan, and bubbly BRANDY
'Prince of Tyre', almost priceless bust PERICLES
Account accompanying amount of paper daughter got ACQUIRED
Best lines written about one with a horticultural skill TOPIARY
Character, kind one to emulate ROLEMODEL
Colour of bream at sea AMBER
Continuously move up bound by rope? TOGETHER
Current leader of group associated with masterful playing GULFSTREAM
Damage statuette, knocking its top off SCAR
Dressing, group before getting on BANDAGING
Drink before riding about on a horse after bad trips tackling short run STIRRUPCUP
General mood in a newly-built rest home about parking ATMOSPHERE
Girl found over in Hammersmith EMMA
Help from worker after stop in LA LENDAHAND
Hopelessness of the French couple DESPAIR
Clues Answers
Leave out some heirloom I treasure OMIT
Magic Circle: sect must include foremost of conjurors OCCULT
Member of the clergy in chapter, unidentified CANON
Miss opportunity to wrap up, heading off LOSEOUT
Model I love in play DIORAMA
Rural types look outside hotel for a herb PHEASANTSEYE
Section without lights learner driver avoided UNIT
Separate in Croatian resort SPLIT
Somehow impound E in place frequented by drug addicts OPIUMDEN
Stand-in starts to learn off Cambridge University master LOCUM
Supporters of Queen captured by revolutionary chiefs CHEERLEADERS
To be good enough at sums, reps will need to be trained PASSMUSTER
Tug overwhelmed by river in flood DELUGE
Verse, extremely short, by Australian soldier, perhaps unfinished STANZA