The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1436

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Clues Answers
A lot that’s new in a month in spring MANY
Almost failing to start ahead of schedule EARLY
Amount of money offered initially for wrestling SUMO
Architect of plans boy wizard has left inside PLOTTER
Component of blood pressure lowered after some medical attention at first PLASMA
Concerning MP’s recall REMEMBER
Dreary set of rooms all on one level FLAT
East London area, much favoured but not upper-class POPLAR
Fib about fermented honey drink being a non-alcoholic one LIMEADE
Fierce critic upset at racket ATTACKER
Fool’s under pressure to overtake PASS
Hit enter randomly to get something in the first cell here? THIRTEEN
I am dock worker material IMPORTANT
Clues Answers
In favour of healthy gain from trading PROFIT
Look at dance organ EYEBALL
Mark of wound allowed to be red SCARLET
Measurement system encountered resistance with current Celsius METRIC
Obsessive geek is a girl in a thousand ANORAK
Quiet anger in part of the country SHIRE
Reverse one’s opinion to support railway infrastructure? BACKTRACK
Rodent sailor’s turned back RAT
Style of singing used in opera performances RAP
Temporary release for good conduct of personal assistant’s function? PAROLE
Tons treated badly being in rags TATTERED
Ugly dwarf’s charge for passage across river TROLL
Upset about time in shop STORE