- Sep 9 2019

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Clues Answers
''Be __ as it may . . .'' THAT
''Garfield'' dog ODIE
''Golly!'' GEE
''Someone else did it'' NOTME
''They're playing __ song'' OUR
''This is terrible!'' OHNO
''__ upon a time . . .'' ONCE
Acrobatic performances STUNTS
Adolescent TEEN
Advance of money LOAN
Air conditioner meas BTU
And so on: Abbr ETC
Animal dens LAIRS
Any solemn ceremony RITE
Broke soil for planting HOED
Business competitor RIVAL
Chunks of Arctic ice FLOES
Cincinnati's state OHIO
Clean off a blackboard ERASE
Coffee sweetener SUGAR
Coins of Mexico PESOS
Desert caravan beasts CAMELS
Do a somersault FLIP
Don't stay the same VARY
Emphasize STRESS
Every now and __ (occasionally) THEN
Examine by touch FEEL
Female deer DOE
Frequently ALOT
Grade school support grps PTAS
Have __ (live it up) ABALL
Income tax agcy IRS
Informal ''isn't'' AINT
Injections to stop the flu SHOTS
Irritation from poison ivy RASH
Lasting mark SCAR
Loudness-changing remote button VOLUMECONTROL
Make broader WIDEN
Clues Answers
Many, many months YEARS
Maple tree fluid SAP
Mardi __ (pre-Easter festival) GRAS
Mediocre SOSO
Misplace LOSE
Money in Italy EURO
No later than UNTIL
Norway's capital OSLO
Not fooled by ONTO
One-person performance SOLO
PC key near Shift CTRL
Piece of kitchen flooring TILE
Police officers, informally COPS
Program-changing remote button CHANNELSELECTOR
Religious offshoots SECTS
Remote button pressed first or last POWERONANDOFF
Roaring beast LION
Run off to wed ELOPE
Sandy golf hazard TRAP
Small sofa SETTEE
Small, pesky flies GNATS
Sound of a giggle TEHEE
Soup-cooking vessels POTS
Specified NAMED
Spooky EERIE
Super Bowl org NFL
Take a glance at SEE
Titles for British earls LORDS
Trace of color TINGE
Type of blood vessel ARTERY
Typical worshiper of India HINDU
Unwavering STEADY
Volcano's outflow LAVA
Walk inside ENTER
Western alliance acronym NATO
Wise saying ADAGE
Wooden pin PEG
Worker's week-ending shout TGIF
__-portrait (type of painting) SELF