Wall Street Journal - Sep 9 2019 - Say It With Flowers

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Clues Answers
“And others,” for short ETAL
“The heat ___!” ISON
“Uh, excuse me...” AHEM
“___ Grows in Brooklyn” ATREE
“___ Lang Syne” AULD
Annual report chart GRAPH
Aretha Franklin specialty SOUL
Artist’s spot STUDIO
Bakery fixture OVEN
Basketball free throw, for example SETSHOT
Bearer of FDR’s profile DIME
Border RIM
Breathe life into ANIMATE
Brisbane buddy MATE
Cabinet wood ELM
Card game akin to Crazy Eights UNO
Chanced having an unfortunate result RANTHERISK
Chest bones RIBS
Clarke who played Daenerys on “Game of Thrones” EMILIA
Clothing store fixture RACK
Coalition BLOC
Cribbage scoring item PEG
Crusaders whose white mantles bore red crosses KNIGHTSTEMPLAR
Dubai, for one EMIRATE
Eaters of eucalyptus leaves KOALAS
Emperor who had his mother murdered NERO
Glowing review RAVE
Goes out EXITS
Gumbo vegetable OKRA
Had debts OWED
Hauler’s measure TON
How confident people solve crosswords ININK
In the manner of ALA
Informal farewells TATAS
Clues Answers
JFK timetable abbr ARR
Latin love AMOR
Like “mice” and “men” PLURAL
Makes wider BROADENS
Massage sound AAH
Mooring line ROPE
Moreau of “Jules et Jim” JEANNE
Music’s Horne LENA
Nation in the Himalayas NEPAL
Obscene matter SMUT
Obtained GOT
Org. for the Pistons, Pacers and Pelicans NBA
Park expanse LAWN
Poet Khayyám OMAR
Prohibited practice TABOO
Protector of free speech FIRSTAMENDMENT
Reaction to dog dander, say PETALLERGY
Recital highlight SOLO
Red resident of Sesame Street ELMO
Red-breasted thrush ROBIN
Rob of “Parks and Recreation” LOWE
Sandusky’s state OHIO
Scads ALOT
Seeker of the Holy Grail GALAHAD
Shopper’s aid LIST
Singing syllables TRALA
Slender dagger STILETTO
Song of the South DIXIE
Spanish currency replaced by the euro PESETA
Surrender CEDE
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
The Beatles’ longest single HEYJUDE
Ticket PASS
Trappers’ wares FURS
Unwanted email SPAM
Will not, quaintly SHANT
___ Field (home of the Mets) CITI