Irish Times (Simplex) - Sep 9 2019

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Clues Answers
Absorbent paper, used as handkerchief, say TISSUE
Adorn, embellish DECORATE
Basic unit of all organisms CELL
Becomes invisible VANISHES
Child of a parent's sibling, say COUSIN
Conceivable, imaginable POSSIBLE
Cranky, easily annoyed PEEVISH
Depression in the skin WRINKLE
Elliptical courses of celestial objects ORBITS
Full range of colour SPECTRUM
Greek nymph who pined away until only her voice remained ECHO
High rocky hills TORS
In the US, they're cookies BISCUITS
It's final for the cobbler LAST
Joined, connected ATTACHED
Let bee loose about this insect BEETLE
Clues Answers
Lock that's moved by key or knob, without a spring DEADBOLT
Long-eared burrowers RABBITS
Moving in the same direction but always the same distance apart PARALLEL
Number of lines of verse STANZA
Odder, more peculiar STRANGER
One believes there are no gods ATHEIST
One of a kind UNIQUE
Projecting land mass MOUNTAIN
Quantity AMOUNT
Sense of concern or curiosity INTEREST
Serving vessels DISHES
Small fact or feature DETAIL
Straight, without deviation DIRECT
The art of speaking well RHETORIC
Thin sauce made from fruit puree COULIS
Way in which something is done MANNER