The Washington Post Sunday - Sep 8 2019

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Clues Answers
'A roach!' EEK
'Awesome,' to a 1980s skateboarder RAD
'Juneteenth' author Ralph ELLISON
'___ do this!' LETS
'___ out!' GET
2, for 1 and 1 SUM
2026 Winter Olympics co-host city MILAN
38 Down's pole MAST
Activation phrase for an iPhone user HEYSIRI
Actor Danson's nickname when he has multiple heads? HYDRATED
Actor McKellen's nickname when he gives a dazzling performance? ELECTRICIAN
Actress Heard's nickname when she uses a stiffening agent at the laundromat? STARCHAMBER
Actress Kendrick's nickname when she joins a musical group? BANDANNA
Address bar address URL
Analgesic since 1955 TYLENOL
As guilty as ___ SIN
Author Grafton's nickname when she worked as a clerk? COUNTERSUE
Author Uris's nickname when he was in the 'Round and Round' rock group? RATTLEON
Badminton barrier NET
Bane of Bane BATMAN
Be annoyingly sweet CLOY
Big fennec fox features EARS
Black ___ (rare gem) OPAL
Blister look-alikes WARTS
Bombshell basis, often LEAK
Bow feature KNOT
Bulletin board makeup CORK
Buttress BOLSTER
Causes to rise, in a way LEAVENS
Change flats? MOVE
China setting ASIA
China setting TABLE
Close to home LOCAL
CNN anchor Lemon's nickname when he discusses no-longer-current events? PASSEDON
Conclusion of a Napoleonic palindrome ELBA
Conduits from ventricles AORTAS
Conspiratorial faction CABAL
Contralto Anderson's nickname when she used the metric system? GRAMMARIAN
Coordinate plane line AXIS
Country singer Adkins's nickname when he handles a large snake? BOATRACE
Dance with a chair HORA
DCA approximations ETAS
Decides one will OPTSTO
Deliver a keynote, e.g ORATE
Delta force? JETS
Direct STEER
Disseminate SOW
Doze, say REST
Droplets by a waterfall SPRAY
Emperor until 68 A.D NERO
Emulate a furry pet SHED
Faked out a la Gretzky DEKED
Feathered friends FOWL
Feels regret over LAMENTS
First in line, perhaps OLDEST
Flathead Lake state MONTANA
Foot on a page IAMB
From Nan or Narathiwat THAI
Gets something for nothing MOOCHES
Give off, as heat RADIATE
Guitarist Paul's nickname when he wouldn't stop playing? CHRONICLES
Harvard Law memoir ONEL
Have a getaway before a honeymoon ELOPE
HBO watcher, usually ADULT
Herbivore with horns RAM
Hit from 'Flashdance' MANIAC
Indicate DENOTE
International settlement PACT
It's twisted to open KNOB
Jazz singer Fitzgerald's nickname when she ate lox? SALMONELLA
Jazzy Anita ODAY
Kept a sustained pitch DRONED
Clues Answers
Landform distinct from barrier or fringing reefs ATOLL
Large amount ALOT
Licorice flavoring ANISE
Like 'The Exorcist' EERIE
Like gumdrops CHEWY
Like some potatoes RICED
Like some scales MINOR
Main mode of travel? SHIP
Maxwell who founded a department store KOHL
Message at the end of a 'G.I. Joe' episode PSA
More hoarse, as voices RASPIER
Morticia, to Wednesday MOM
Noble descendants SCIONS
Notes with Hamilton TENS
Oft-misused pronoun WHOM
Opéra Nouvel city LYON
Pale from shock ASHEN
Performs adequately DOESOK
Pit with a bucket WELL
Polk's middle name KNOX
Polynesian language MAORI
Polynesian Triangle isle OAHU
Poseidon, e.g SEAGOD
Possessive for a group OURS
Pre-admission phrase ITSME
Prepare, as spaghetti BOIL
Pretty chilly NIPPY
Qualifying athletic contests, briefly PRELIMS
Raise with great effort HEAVE
React to being walloped REEL
Rear-washing fixture BIDET
Relinquish officially CEDE
Result of brainstorming IDEA
Rock formation? FIST
Rocker Slick's nickname when she insults people? DISGRACE
Runs around a few blocks, say JOGS
Sampras rival AGASSI
Show anguish, in a way SOB
Sites of rock concert hits? DRUMS
Small amount ATAD
Small unit of time? SEC
Snobs put them on AIRS
Somewhat slow, on a score ANDANTE
Southwestern people APACHE
Specialty of André 3000 RAP
Start of a Napoleonic palindrome ABLE
Stir up RILE
Sultan Qaboos, e.g OMANI
Surmounting ATOP
Sweetened cooler, often ICEDTEA
Sword master's case SHEATH
Terminated ENDED
Test for screening out bots CAPTCHA
The Indian ruler Lakshmi Bai, e.g RANI
They get high at the World Series of Poker STAKES
They have many lines PLAYS
Tide type NEAP
Title role, often LEAD
Tree with winged seeds MAPLE
Triumphs over BESTS
View again RESEE
Wear down naturally ERODE
What 100 may signify APLUS
What Galileo observed in 1610 VENUS
Work with the king of Egypt AIDA
___ Lankans SRI
___ out (made uncomfortable) CREEPED
___ rickey (drink) LIME