L.A. Times Daily - Sep 8 2019

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Clues Answers
"La Dolce Vita" setting ROME
"Rhinoceros" playwright IONESCO
"Righteous!" in the '90s PHAT
"Star Trek" officer who famously kissed Kirk in 1968 UHURA
"Swan Lake" skirt TUTU
A month of Sundays AGES
Acid neutralizer ALKALI
Animal rights gp PETA
Apiece EACH
Apothecary's weight DRAM
Arthur of "The Golden Girls" BEA
Article in Spain's El Mundo UNA
Auto body concern RUST
Baby carrier? STORK
Barely-there beachwear THONG
Basics ABCS
Bearded Smurf PAPA
Betsy Ross, notably SEWER
Big galoot serving as first mate? CAPTAINSLUG
Big name in ice cream EDY
Black __ LAB
Breaks down ROTS
Breather LUNG
Brewpub orders ALES
British county SHIRE
Café container TASSE
Calcutta wraps SARIS
Capital of Turkey LIRA
Carl's Jr. bread BUN
Caver's cry? UNCLE
Cesar Millan specialty? PUPPSYCHOLOGY
Charles Goodyear, notably? RUBBERBARON
Circus swinger ACROBAT
City on the Rhine BONN
Clemson athlete TIGER
Code carrier GENE
Colorful tee TIEDYE
Colossal IMMENSE
Cook-off dish CHILI
Cornered, in a way TREED
Court filing SUIT
Creator of Horton the Elephant SEUSS
Cuban dance CHACHA
Cybercurrency ECASH
Daggers of old SNEES
Damage HARM
Defib specialists EMTS
Dent in the hockey arena's protective shield? PUCKMARK
Deposed Iranian despot SHAH
Domus Aurea builder of 64-68 AD NERO
Eccentric who has status in the community? NUTWITHSTANDING
Feud group MCCOYS
Fever with chills AGUE
First-year law student ONEL
Flippant SASSY
Formal jacket feature COATTAIL
Former flames EXES
Four-door, usually SEDAN
Gas or elec UTIL
Gasbag's bagful? HOTAIR
Good name for a tuxedo cat OREO
Greek fabulist AESOP
Gym storage LOCKER
H.S. exams PSATS
Half a musical doll? GOO
Hanna-Barbera's __ Doggie and Doggie Daddy AUGIE
Has __: knows someone ANIN
Hurled weapons BOLAS
Indian title SRI
Infiltrators PLANTS
Is required to MUST
Clues Answers
Its Jun. 2019 additions include "bae" and "yeesh" OED
Jam component? STUCKCAR
JFK but not SFO PRES
Kiss during a nature walk? TRAILBUSS
L.A. setting PST
Language for the Masses? LATIN
Largish chamber group OCTET
Let off steam VENT
Life's work CAREER
Like cried-over milk SPILT
Like most pretzels SALTED
LiMu ___: bird in Liberty Mutual TV ads EMU
Lincoln-to-Topeka dir SSE
Linguist Chomsky NOAM
Matter basics ATOMS
Measure of complacency? SMUGINDEX
MGM co-founder LOEW
Milan's La __ SCALA
Misleading lead BUMSTEER
Muse for Shelley ERATO
Narrow shard SLIVER
New, in Nicaragua NUEVA
Not mad SANE
Notre Dame figs STES
Novelist's output PAGES
On the fence UNSURE
Optimist's words ICAN
Part-time player SEMIPRO
Politician's pursuit SEAT
Porcupines and prairie dogs RODENTS
Prizes on the mantel TROPHIES
Promising young actress STARLET
Protein-building acid AMINO
Pungent salad green CRESS
Quaker in the woods ASPEN
Quod __ demonstrandum ERAT
Rainy day wear GALOSHES
Ready to proceed SET
Responsibility ONUS
Retired, as a prof EMER
Rich kid in "Nancy" comics ROLLO
Rock's Queen + __ Lambert ADAM
Satirist Mort SAHL
Schools of thought ISMS
Self-esteem EGO
Seventh planeta URANO
Shore thing for a sailor? LEAVE
Showy parrot MACAW
Site of Hercules' first labor NEMEA
Skating no-no THINICE
Some beams LASERS
Soothes EASES
Speed deterrents BUMPS
Spiny lizard IGUANA
Stride pianist Art TATUM
Strikes lightly TAPSON
Symptom SIGN
Tabriz native IRANI
Terminate END
Thought-provoking DEEP
Three-syllable berry ACAI
Thriller writer Hoag TAMI
Tiny dividers AMOEBAE
Tiny farm worker ANT
Two-syllable foot IAMB
Vaughan of jazz SARAH
Wad in a pocket ROLL
What "strikes deep," in Stephen Stills' "For What It's Worth" PARANOIA
Window installer's course of instruction? PUTTYTRAINING
__ Paulo SAO
__ question YESNO
__ standstill ATA