New York Times - Sep 8 2019

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Clues Answers
'Drawin' a blank here' IGOTNOTHIN
'Lethal Weapon' force, in brief LAPD
'Ocean's Twelve' role TESS
'Othello' provocateur IAGO
'Star Trek' catchphrase said by Dr. McCoy HESDEADJIM
'Well, howdy' OHHI
'Well, well, well, whaddya know' OHO
... the fraternity guy who wants to be a cardiologist HEARTBROKEN
... the gal who delivered the greatest put-down ever WHATADISGRACE
... the gal who loses it when pass plays are called GROUNDNUTMEG
... the gal who spends all day at the hairdresser ROLLERSKATE
... the guy who always shows up unannounced POPINJAY
... the guy who barely shows he's exasperated SHORTSIGHTED
... the guy who can't stop bragging about Bragg FORTLAUDERDALE
... the guy who takes aerial photos for the military DRONEDON
... the guy who vows to take his Stetson to the grave BURYTHEHATCHET
1995 crime film based on an Elmore Leonard novel GETSHORTY
Actress Taylor of 'Bones' TAMARA
Addition to the family INLAW
Almost up ONNEXT
Alternative to Martha Stewart Weddings BRIDES
And others, for short ETAL
Appalled AGHAST
Appear in print RUN
Aristocratic Italian name of old ESTE
At the perfect time ONCUE
Auto dealer's offer LEASE
Auto owner's proof TITLE
Baby Gap purchase ONESIE
Big D.C. lobby NRA
Bit of art pottery URN
Bit of trail mix RAISIN
California's Big ___ SUR
California's Santa ___ Mountains YNEZ
Caribbean island nation GRENADA
Cartoonist Keane BIL
Commercial suffix with Gator ADE
Con ___ (briskly, in music) BRIO
CPR teacher, maybe EMT
Creamy beverage NOG
Creeped out? SEEPED
Critical campaign mo OCT
Cry like a baby WAIL
Dag Hammarskjöld's successor at the U.N UTHANT
Dance that might include a chair HORA
Dated PC hookup CRT
Declaration AVOWAL
Diamond brackets? DEES
Dieter's 'I' ICH
Dissenting vote NAY
Doth depart GOETH
Enthusiastic RAHRAH
Exams given intradermally, for short TBTESTS
Famous conjoined twin ENG
Far Eastern fruits that resemble apples ASIANPEARS
Father of Enigma in DC Comics THERIDDLER
Field AREA
Figures DATA
First word of 'Jabberwocky' TWAS
For instance SUCHAS
Gained a lap? SAT
Gambler's exclamation COMETOPAPA
Gambling parlor letters OTB
Game lover's purchase APP
Go downhill in a hurry SCHUSS
Helicopter sounds WHIRS
High-grade RATEDA
Home of minor-league baseball's Aces RENO
Clues Answers
Honey substitute? DEAR
Hugs, in a letter OOO
Ice cream eponym EDY
In good shape FIT
It can be old or breaking NEWS
IV checkers RNS
J. Carrol ___ (two-time 1940s Oscar nominee) NAISH
Kind of bar DIVE
Kind of furniture PATIO
Large shrimp PRAWN
Levelheaded SANE
Longhair cats ANGORAS
Lose control on the road SKID
Maze explorer LABRAT
Mouth, slangily TRAP
Move a bit STIR
Note that sounds like an order to get with it? BSHARP
Number one nun ABBESS
Part of a parka HOOD
Part of AARP: Abbr RETD
Period of group activity, slangily SESH
Permanent spot? SALON
Picks up the bill PAYS
Pitcher who famously claimed he was on LSD while throwing a no-hitter DOCKELLIS
Place for trophies DEN
Pride Parade participants may be in it DRAG
Prison division WARD
Prolonged period of excessive imbibing DRUNKATHON
Puts on TV AIRS
Relaxing ATREST
Renuzit target ODOR
Rollaway COT
Sea plea SOS
See 72-Down SALAD
Shade for a field worker? FARMERSTAN
Shoot down NIX
Show that NBC 62-Across, for short SNL
Sicily's Mount ___ ETNA
Singer with the 2009 #1 hit 'TiK ToK' KESHA
Small prevarications FIBS
Soft blanket material VIRGINWOOL
Sort of person who's blue: Abbr DEM
Source of some pressure PEER
Sport ___ UTE
Staircase sound CREAK
Swerves back ZAGS
Sylvia of jazz SYMS
Tagged, informally IDED
Take in ARREST
Take steps ACT
Talk like a tough, say RASP
Temporarily sated, with 'over' TIDED
They follow springs by about a week NEAPS
Tip of Italy? EURO
Traffic-stopping grp.? DEA
Triumphant cry HURRAH
TV's '___ Ruins Everything' ADAM
Underlining alternative ITALICS
Unlikely handouts with beers STRAWS
UPS unit: Abbr CTN
Well, for one ADVERB
West Coast summer setting: Abbr PDT
What a prefix or suffix gets added to STEM
Wile E. Coyote purchase TNT
With 68-Down, summer side dish CORN
Word with club or cream SODA
___ Paulo SAO
___ Terr., 1861-89 DAK
___ vivant BON