The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,294 - Sep 6 2019

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Clues Answers
'Solvers need this book' (The Sun's ruling) BRAINPOWER
A half-day's cycling injury HURT
A single beautiful being PERI
Being cut up during West End run? INTHEATRE
Brilliant satirist exercises to rear of chamber POPE
City break with Fatima's husband a sign of neurosis? ECHOLALIA
Cry with laughter swapping tops, not a patch on anybody else? BIRTHMARK
Film with Van Damme, you and I eying duo askance WEDIEYOUNG
French city herald-in-chief LYON
Great body, Octopussy! ARMY
Individuals in school tremble after Head's expulsion HAKE
Island folk re-routing river at mouth, as I can do ORCADIANS
Just reconnected parts of 16 ONLY
Like Rodin's second Thinker? EGO
Member of iconic English group, the inspiration for 'Come Together'? LONDONBUS
Old dealer in game, maybe Texas hold'em, blowing a thousand in the last cut POULTER
Clues Answers
Out to get metal parts fixed HUNTING
Outlaw receives name of one supplying still bedding down in nursery BABYLINEN
Output from Sharpe in which lecturer's almost completely worn down WILT
Red mark remaining following cut SCARLET
Right wingers in politics, the portrayal of 12 SELF
Speculator upped price in respect of army rations? BULLYBEEF
Spouse of thematic Royal immersed in classwork at Eton KATE
Sum from Descartes written just after midnight? IAM
Support for nautical types given to anxiety about lugger's bow CARLING
Ted, for ever following Hearts HAY
Tie is rearranged with United in case ETUI
TV actor's son picks up story on radio SHEARSMITH
US space-traveller received in English county BUCKROGERS
What Bill looks like from behind? BEN
Where player's putting club -- Forest? GREENWOOD
Why, perhaps, publicity stunt is screened HYPE