New York Times - Sep 5 2019

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Clues Answers
'Don't worry about me' IMOK
'Isn't this fancy?!' OOH
1946 role for Fonda or 1994 role for Costner EARP
2009 Nobel laureate OBAMA
Actor McKellen IAN
Annoyance for an oyster eater GRIT
Bagel topper SCHMEAR
Big employer in Delaware DUPONT
Big inits. in casinos MGM
Big name in accounting ERNST
Breakfast bit OAT
Bud, e.g BEER
Calif. school that's home to the Aztecs SDSU
Classic auto with a so-called 'floating speedometer' EDSEL
Cleans (up) MOPS
Complexities, metaphorically WEEDS
Crown CONK
Doing dishes, e.g CHORE
Flowering plant that's also a woman's name ERICA
Grass with prickly burs SANDSPUR
Henry who founded Life LUCE
Hoppy brew IPA
It's verboten NONO
Joyrider's ride STOLENCAR
Kind of calendar LUNAR
Kind of chip NACHO
Last words before starting HEREIGO
Laura of 'ER' INNES
Lawn measure AREA
Lightly dye TINCT
Measures of newspaper ad space LINAGES
Midori on the ice ITO
Monthly charge CABLE
More than a bagel, but less than a walk TROLL
More than a bird, but less than a facial expression COWL
More than a boat, but less than an idea PARK
More than a British islander, but less than a team symbol ASCOT
More than a card, but less than a track bet LACE
Clues Answers
More than a color, but less than a trade occupation LUMBER
More than a court filing, but less than a status change EMOTION
More than a snake, but less than a bodily organ LADDER
More than a symptom, but less than a jerk WITCH
More than a weather forecast, but less than a muscle injury TRAIN
More than an insect, but less than a U.S. president RANT
Mountain nymph OREAD
Number of worlds connected by Yggdrasil in Norse myth NINE
One of a Latin trio AMAS
Pantries LARDERS
Peptide part AMINOACID
Portable writing surface LAPDESK
Post-op locale ICU
Pre-defibrillation cry CLEAR
Prelude to a fall SLIP
Printed again RERAN
Relative of a spoonbill HERON
Revolutionary Trotsky LEON
Saturn's largest moon TITAN
Shoulder piece EPAULET
Slightly influence TINGE
Smart CHIC
Some bygone service stations HESSES
Spiritual energy CHI
Spiritual energy AURA
Squeezes (out) EKES
Take (down) JOT
Tartan pattern PLAID
Tax-advantaged investment tools, for short IRAS
Tee off STEAM
The 'E' of Ransom E. Olds ELI
The new girl of Fox's 'New Girl' JESS
Waiting in the wings ONICE
What filler necks connect to GASTANKS
What rotors do WHIR
Winter coat RIME
___ Gebrselassie, two-time Olympic running gold medalist HAILE
___ particle TAU
___ Sports Bureau (stats record keeper) ELIAS