Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Sep 27 2019

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Clues Answers
'Cheers' barkeep SAM
'Dig in!' EAT
'I Believe —' (Dylan song) INYOU
'Star Wars' baddie VADER
As called for DULY
Back talk LIP
Barn bird OWL
Big name in racing UNSER
Big rigs SEMIS
Bread-making need YEAST
Break fluid? COFFEE
Brit. record label EMI
Carol starter ADESTE
Carpenter's supply NAILS
Caustic cleaners LYES
Chemical suffix ANE
Choose OPT
Cleanse PURIFY
Coifs DOS
Considered DEEMED
Cosmetics MAKEUP
Countertop appliance MIXER
Cranial cavity SINUS
Dad's bro UNC
Do the tango DANCE
Exploit USE
Fireplace shelf MANTEL
Foundered SANK
Fr. holy woman STE
Francisco's farewell ADIOS
Frost lines POEM
Gas station name TEXACO
Clues Answers
Ill-suited UNFIT
Island of Hawaii KAUAI
ISP alternative DSL
Jacob's twin ESAU
Light touch TAP
Love, to Luigi AMORE
LPs' successors CDS
Meadow LEA
Medicare section PARTB
Messing on TV DEBRA
Mountain crest ARETE
NBC sketch show SNL
Observe SEE
Palindromic constellation ARA
Pub pint ALE
R-V link STU
Recorded TAPED
Still, in verse EEN
Suffix for billion AIRE
Tennis great Williams VENUS
Train unit CAR
Travail WOE
Two-way DUAL
Ump's call OUT
Unanimously ASONE
Video chat format SKYPE
Words to Brutus ETTU