New York Times - Jun 14 1997

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Clues Answers
'Boy, is it hot!' PHEW
'Ciao' TATA
'Diane' composer Rapee ERNO
'I will play the ___, and die in music': Emilia SWAN
'No return' ASIS
100% PURELY.
1927 Peace Nobelist Ludwig QUIDDE
1986 #1 hit for Starship SARA
Akkadian god of heaven ANU
Ancient meeting place STOA
Assemble MASS
Atlantic City casino, with 'the' TAJ
Become unhinged SNAP
Bibble TOPE
Bit of insincerity LIPSERVICE
Bring in REAP
Builder's sheet SPECS
Circulation increaser FAN
City acquired by Prussia, 1802 ESSEN
Come to REACH
Cry in a grade-B horror movie ITSALIVE
Cry of delight ZOWIE
Curtain shade ECRU
Daughter of Oceanus ASIA
Don Jose, in 'Carmen' TENOR
Drinking spot OASIS
Famous Roosevelt GRIER
Florida bird EGRET
Glazed fabric TILLET.
Green shade KELLY
Grunts GIS
Hollows DENS
Item on a beach head? BATHINGCAP
James Hilton locale SHANGRILA
Clues Answers
Kansas motto word ASTRA
Language for 350 million HINDI
Liable to be called ONEA
Lock part HASP
More sound SANER
O.T. book NEH
On one's case HARASSING
One way to retaliate TITFORTAT
Pagan follower? ISM
Part of N.Y.C. BOR
Place PUT
Prefix with sphere EXO
Printer's activity RUNNINGPRESSES.
Pull strings? UNTIE
Red ___ ANT
Shirt name IZOD
Singer Joan JETT
Smart NEAT
Soft-soap COAX
Some 60's museum exhibits OPART
Something drawn INFERENCE
State Department department AFRICANAFFAIRS
Subdue QUASH
Tightfitting SNUG
Train track bar IRAIL
Tucks away EATS
Voyaging ASEA
Where a president presides SENAT
Woods sound, maybe CHAINSAW
Yankee Conference locale ORONO
Year in Claudius's rule LII
Zinger BARB
___ Pinto (Texas county) PALO