- Sep 4 2019

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Clues Answers
''Game of Thrones'' channel HBO
''No problem here!'' IMOK
''That hurts!'' OUCH
''They're playing __ song'' OUR
''YOU ARE HERE'' chart MAP
Acts like COPIES
Animal hospital doc VET
Annoy IRK
Any animated character TOON
Audit experts: Abbr CPAS
Author Wiesel ELIE
Bar bill TAB
Barton of the Red Cross CLARA
Basketry or carving CRAFT
Carpet's place FLOOR
Clapton on guitar ERIC
Cob of corn EAR
Competes (for) VIES
Conflicts ''declared'' WARS
Covered with body art TATTOOED
Devour a book READ
Do an initial orientation COVERTHEBASICS
Do pool laps SWIM
Double curves ESSES
Egotist's focus SELF
Event hosts EMCEES
Explanation intro IMEAN
Feathered mimic MYNA
Fire-starting rock FLINT
First Daughter after Sasha IVANKA
Fish eggs ROE
Fitzgerald of jazz ELLA
Fizzling sound PFFT
Flashing dance-club light STROBE
Hair salon bottles DYES
Hamsters and hounds PETS
Hi-tech med. scan MRI
Hilarious person RIOT
Hole in a plank KNOT
Clues Answers
ID checker's concern AGE
In possession of OWNING
Job benefits, for short PERKS
Liberal __ college ARTS
Loosen, as laces UNTIE
Make off with STEAL
Making a pre-heist visit CASINGTHEJOINT
Marching force ARMY
Mares and fillies SHES
Mattress store furniture BEDS
Old Testament ship ARK
Opposite of ''transparent'' OPAQUE
Optimally ATBEST
Oxford or loafer SHOE
Plays on words PUNS
Pooch's sound ARF
Prefix for angle or athlete TRI
Quite often ALOT
Region AREA
Request QUERY
Rip (up) TEAR
River sediment SILT
See 18 Across WRONGTREE
Severe HARSH
Sore spot ACHE
Sounds of sows OINKS
Southernmost Great Lake ERIE
Stroke on a green PUTT
Takeout counter tip holder JAR
Takes the bait BITES
The Devil SATAN
Threw away SCRAPPED
Top-flight AONE
Totaled altogether RANTO
Transmit SEND
Urban transportation BUS
Vessel made of logs RAFT
With 60 Across, pursue incorrect assumptions BARKUPTHE