USA Today - Oct 26 2019

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Clues Answers
'Hop aboard!' GETIN
'Noah' construction ARK
'Now it's clear' ISEE
'Seinfeld' genre FARCE
'Solo' character Solo HAN
'Swan Lake' skirt TUTU
'The Mikado,' e.g OPERETTA
'The Plague' city ORAN
2019 Women's World Cup champs USA
24/7 conveniences ATMS
Abandoned building, e.g EYESORE
Airplane's front NOSE
Alley pickup SPARE
Artificial ingredients in candy DYES
Bank takeback, for short REPO
Bruschetta base BREAD
Butler in a 1939 classic RHETT
Carbo-load, e.g EAT
Causing the willies EERIE
Coil in a shed HOSE
Color similar to cyan TEAL
Company with drivers UBER
Core military group CADRE
CT scan alternative MRI
Dangerous African virus EBOLA
Daring deed GEST
Delta deposit SILT
Dish in a Dutch oven POTROAST
Does in, in mob slang OFFS
Farmers' market container CRATE
First chips ANTE
Fit to stand trial SANE
Folk combo, perhaps TRIO
Full of zip LIVELY
Full-bodied, as wine ROBUST
Garden shed tool HOE
Green or Libertarian THIRDPARTY
Hearing test components TONES
Hit the tarmac LAND
Clues Answers
Ibuprofen target PAIN
Illegal lottery of sorts NUMBERSGAME
Jumper's cord BUNGEE
Klondike Gold Rush region YUKON
Laser light chasers CATS
Like most flea market items USED
Locker room powder TALC
Loose, as some jeans RELAXEDFIT
Lower in prestige ABASE
Make electrical repairs to REWIRE
Make public EXPOSE
Many beatniks' beards GOATEES
Muscles in bodybuilders' 'guns' BICEPS
Place for makeup FACE
Plantation in a 1939 classic TARA
Plot of height over time, e.g GROWTHCURVE
Pluto's path ORBIT
Prejudice in reporting BIAS
Quote as a source CITE
Reaction to poison oak RASH
Rice of vampire fiction ANNE
Savvy about ONTO
Scandalized company with a crooked 'E' logo ENRON
Shoot the breeze, say TALK
Shot in the dark STAB
Shrubby wasteland HEATH
Slug's trail SLIME
Sly Stone hairdo AFRO
Smoking, to some HABIT
Some links scores PARS
Studio Ghibli cartoon genre ANIME
Tax write-off LOSS
Textile plant fixture LOOM
The whole enchilada ALL
Tiny bit TAD
Vegas freebie COMP
Veggie in gumbo OKRA
Whitewater swirl EDDY
Word after Near or Far EAST