L.A. Times Daily - Sep 3 2019

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Clues Answers
"A Jug of Wine ... " poet OMAR
"Buona __": Italian "Good evening" SERA
"Much to my surprise ... " ODDLY
"Way cool!" RAD
"Weekend Update" comic Michael CHE
"Whip It" rock band DEVO
"__ John B": Beach Boys hit SLOOP
Aerie newborn EAGLET
Ala. neighbor FLA
All-in-one Apple IMAC
Angler's decoy LURE
At the moment NOW
Attorney's org ABA
Cash dispenser ATM
Chestnut horses SORRELS
Chianti Classico, per esempio VINO
Chillax VEG
Citrus-flavored soda ORANGECRUSH
Coin flips TOSSES
Computer application file suffix EXE
DEA agent's find KILO
Distribute into groups ASSORT
European peninsula IBERIA
Fellow MAN
Feudal estate FIEF
Forever __ STAMP
Former govt. agency devoted to public diplomacy USIA
Happy hour perch BARSTOOL
Hoity-toity types SNOBS
It may be saved at a movie SEAT
Jacob and Esau, e.g TWINS
Japanese leader during WWII TOJO
Large number SLEW
Leave out OMIT
Like much of the Southwest ARID
Like some exams ORAL
Lines of lightning ... or lightening STREAKS
List of options MENU
Many Montenegrins SERBS
Clues Answers
Naked BARE
Nantes night NUIT
Objects to MINDS
On the house FREE
On the schedule SLATED
One at the head of the class ASTUDENT
Paper for papers NEWSPRINT
Penguin predator ORCA
Per unit EACH
Person of the Year awarder TIME
Poi source TARO
Qatari bigwigs EMIRS
Redeeming quality SAVINGGRACE
Repeat from memory RECITE
Resignee of 1974 NIXON
Résumé writer's goal JOB
Round with four teams, say SEMIS
Rover's territory MARS
Salon offering PERM
Sault __ Marie STE
Scribbles (down) JOTS
Scrolling key PGDN
See 69-Across RUN
Small museum piece OBJETDART
Sports officials REFS
Spreadsheet program in Microsoft Office EXCEL
State with conviction AVER
Step on a ladder RUNG
Strong fiber SISAL
They make an effort TRIERS
Title for Bovary or Defarge MADAME
Wheel shaft AXLE
With 72-Across, evasive strategy ... and a hint to the last several letters of the four longest Across answers END
Wrap with tzatziki sauce GYRO
Wrong move MISSTEP
__ Abby DEAR
__ Scotia NOVA