- Sep 2 2019

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Clues Answers
''. . . had a farm, __'' EIEIO
''Electric'' fish EEL
''Steady as __ goes'' SHE
''Trick or __!'' TREAT
20 Down auto AUDI
Adolescent TEEN
Ancient OLD
Before __ (soon) LONG
Biblical garden locale EDEN
Brake or accelerator PEDAL
Center of a bagel HOLE
Cheddar or parmesan CHEESE
Closely monitored hosp. ward ICU
Cry loudly BAWL
Cuts of steak SIRLOINS
Days before holidays EVES
Deplete USEUP
Driver's full reversal UTURN
Drove fast SPED
From Munich GERMAN
Full collection SET
Gasoline consumption stat MPG
Gather a harvest REAP
Group of ship's workers CREW
Guide a car STEER
Had observed SEEN
Hair entanglement SNARL
Heat up, as water BOIL
Heavy weight TON
Heavy, as fog DENSE
Hive dwellers BEES
Hold in high regard ESTEEM
Home for hatchlings NEST
Isn't truthful LIES
Japanese maker of the Civic HONDA
Lion's sound ROAR
Local food shops DELIS
Major donations to colleges ENDOWMENTS
Clues Answers
Makes a wager BETS
Memo ''to self'' NOTE
Molecule part ATOM
Money in France EURO
Motel's place to swim POOL
No later than, for short TIL
Not moving INERT
One's sniffer NOSE
Online auction website EBAY
Opinion piece ESSAY
Otherwise ELSE
Parcel (out) DOLE
Pigpen STY
Placed at risk ENDANGERED
Pub beverage ALE
Repair, as a garment MEND
Require NEED
Rock used for countertops GRANITE
Scarlet or maroon RED
School kid transportation BUS
Serious efforts ENDEAVORS
Shade trees ELMS
Shorthand expert, for short STENO
Signing, as a check ENDORSING
Simplify EASE
Singer Celine DION
Sketched again REDREW
Small songbird WREN
Spot of land in an ocean ISLE
Still sealed, as a package UNOPEN
Strong cravings YENS
The Mediterranean, for one SEA
Theater walkway AISLE
Thing of value ASSET
Trousers' belt holder LOOP
Unwanted garden growths WEEDS
Wish to have DESIRE
__ Kid (Butch Cassidy's partner) SUNDANCE
__ la la (song syllables) TRA