- Sep 1 2019

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Clues Answers
''Blah, blah, blah,'' briefly ETCETC
''Give __ rest!'' ITA
''Let's have another!'' MORE
''We're in trouble now!'' UHOH
''Zip-a-Dee-Doo-__'' DAH
A/C measure BTU
Above, in poems OER
Antivirus software name NORTON
Arm art, for short TAT
At any time EVER
Atlanta estate of fiction TARA
Bake-off appliance OVEN
Baking staple SUGAR
Bar mixer SODA
Beach buckets PAILS
Big name in frozen potatoes OREIDA
Boring routines RUTS
Bottle up HOLDIN
Bravery in battle VALOR
Break in diplomacy RIFT
Bring in, as a harvest REAP
Buoyant woods BALSAS
Busy mo. for UPS DEC
Camera type, for short SLR
Cereal material BRAN
Chain offering Belgian waffles IHOP
Chocolate snack OREO
Chooses, with ''for'' OPTS
Choreographer de Mille AGNES
Cobbler fruits PEACHES
Crop further RETRIM
Crouch STOOP
Dabble in PLAYAT
Depot postings: Abbr ETAS
Discover by chance HITUPON
Dumbo's wing EAR
Eager beaver's demand MEFIRST
Easily bruised things EGOS
Edward's mom in ''Twilight'' ESME
Elicit EDUCE
Elizabethan-era dramatist KYD
Enthusiastic about, with ''on'' KEEN
Exam for HS juniors PSAT
Extension of the Arctic Ocean KARASEA
Faced the pitcher BATTED
Fairway shout FORE
Far from enjoyable NOFUN
Fashioned, quaintly SHAPEN
Fern seed SPORE
Flattered, so to speak STROKED
Folksy accounts TALES
Glacial chunk FLOE
Go ballistic LOSEIT
GPS lines STS
Grate on IRK
Green-chips veggie KALE
Gung-ho AVID
Gunky stuff GOOP
Half a quarter EIGHTH
Hauling fee TOWAGE
Hit a sour note, say ERR
HP products PCS
If all goes right ATBEST
Isolate from others SILO
Jackhammer sound RATATAT
Jazz vocalist James ETTA
Jeopardy DANGER
Justice Scalia successor GORSUCH
Larynx neighbor THYROID
Locked horns ARGUED
Madrid Mrs SRA
Mail-routing abbr ATTN
Major game-show prize TRIP
Clues Answers
Make revisions to EDIT
Mechanical pencil part ERASER
Met with SEEN
Molecule part ATOM
Mt. Kilimanjaro's locale AFR
Musical endings CODAS
Mythical goat-man SATYR
Neutral hue ECRU
New Haven Ivy Leaguers ELIS
Nothing, in Nogales NADA
O'Donnell of TV ROSIE
Offend the nose REEK
One on the lam ESCAPEE
Org. that includes the TSA DHS
Pancake shape DISK
Parents' road safety org MADD
Pasta often found in minestrone ORZO
Peevish mood SNIT
Perceived SENSED
Perfect example PARAGON
Place to build on SITE
Planet, poetically ORB
Poet of unexpected rhymes NASH
Produce, as a play STAGE
Proposed explanation THEORY
Proverbial payee PIPER
Publicized BOOSTED
Queen's offspring ANTS
Religious faction SECT
RPM gauge TACH
Run __ (stall, as in football) OUTTHECLOCK
Run __ (be hereditary) INTHEFAMILY
Run __ (do financial calculations) THENUMBERS
Run __ (face, as a difficulty) UPAGAINST
Run __ (manage strictly) ATIGHTSHIP
Run __ (outperform) RINGSAROUND
Run __ (ruin completely) INTOTHEGROUND
Run __ (seek a political position) FOROFFICE
Run __ (talk too much) OFFATTHEMOUTH
Rwandan ethnic group HUTU
Scarcity DEARTH
School near Windsor Castle ETON
Sectionals and sleepers SOFAS
Serpentine shape ESS
Set in motion ACTUATE
Sgts.' superiors LTS
Sharp knock RAP
Sharp-witted ASTUTE
Short distance STEP
Short runs DASHES
Situated on ATOP
Six years, for a Senator ONETERM
Slapstick missile PIE
Smoothie fruits PAPAYAS
Sound of surf ROAR
Speakeasy serving BOOZE
Stick out like __ thumb ASORE
Symbol for a sale REDTAG
Tamale wrapper HUSK
Tater SPUD
Texting button SEND
Theresa May or Boris Johnson TORY
Three, in Germany DREI
Tic-toe connector TAC
Tulsa sch ORU
TV news hr TENPM
Unimaginably long time EONS
University sports org NCAA
Vietnamese holiday TET
VIP's wheels LIMO
Walk with a swagger STRUT
Web-crawling software BOTS
Young deer FAWN