New York Times - Sep 1 2019

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Clues Answers
'Are we done here?,' politely MAYIGO
'Ideas worth spreading' offshoot TEDX
'Pencils down!' TIME
'The 40-Year-Old Virgin' and 'Knocked Up' SEXCOMEDIES
4-Across chief SHEIK
9+ for a game, e.g AGELEVEL
Accident-investigating org NTSB
Adjusts, as an instrument RETUNES
All-in-one boxes KITS
Ancient Iranian MEDE
Anonymous female, in court JANEROE
Archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean COMOROS
Australian band with the 1988 #1 hit 'Need You Tonight' INXS
Avian diver LOON
Baudelaire's '___ Fleurs du Mal' LES
Big dealer in outdoor gear REI
Bob Marley, for one JAMAICAN
Bronx-born congresswoman, familiarly AOC
Bronx-born singer, familiarly JLO
Buildings often outfitted with ladders SILOS
Bust, maybe STATUE
Bygone car model that's an anagram of GRANITE INTEGRA
Bygone military punishment KPDUTY
Charge (through) MOW
Children's author Lowry LOIS
Cleaning for military inspection GIING
Convent-ional sort NUN
Crafty SLY
Dines SUPS
Dog sound BARK
Dryer residue LINT
Early encyclopedist credited with coining 'Home is where the heart is' PLINYTHEELDER
Early vintner, in the Bible NOAH
English channel, with 'the' BEEB
Establishment such as Crumbs and Whiskers or KitTea (both real!) CATCAFE
Family name on a 1960s sitcom ADDAMS
Fantasy series that inspired 'Game of Thrones,' briefly LOTR
Fear-inducing DREADED
Fervor ZEAL
Fill to absolute capacity JAMPACK
Flared dress type ALINE
Flow of one line of a verse to the next without pause ENJAMBMENT
For all to see, in a way RATEEDG
Foreign capital designed by two Americans CANBERRA
Fruit with a pit DATE
Future Ph.D.'s test GRE
Futuristic tracking device IDCHIP
Gchat transmissions, briefly IMS
Gets ready to pray KNEELS
Grp. with a pet project? ASPCA
Happen again RECUR
Huge mix-up SNAFU
In lockstep ASONE
Inch along CREEP
Inherited GENETIC
Iraqi, e.g ARAB
Is a straight shooter KEEPSITREAL
It brings you closer to your subjects ZOOM
It's full of hard-to-spell words BEEE
It's rigged MAST
IV, to III, e.g SON
Kind of acid AMINO
Koala's tree GUM
Kosher ___ DELI
Like 100-1 odds SLLIM
Liqueur often mixed with water ANISETTE
Looked at lasciviously EYEDUP
Lyft alternative CCAB
Clues Answers
Marketing tactic TIEIN
Measure of virality RETWEETS
Mistakes GOOFS
Modern cousin of 'Yay!' WOO
Muffin ingredient OAT
Music genre associated with the goth look EEMO
Music genre from Asia KPOP
Mythical hunter turned into a stag ACTAEON
National Pizza Mo OCT
Nickname for a buddy ACE
Nonkosher sammie BLT
Not much ATAD
Not working today OFF
Nurse in a bar SIP
One of the Avengers IRONMMAN
Only musical to win Best Picture since 'Oliver!' in 1968 CHICAGO
Oscar nominee for 'Gone Baby Gone,' 2007 AMYRYAN
Part of a diner display PIE
Philanthropist Broad ELI
Phrase followed by 'one two, one two' MICCHECK
Picnic side dish BAKEDBEANS
Player of many an opera villain BASSSO
Popular gardening shoe CROC
Pretzel topping SALT
Prez with the dog Fala FDR
Program starting with the fifth year of college, informally POSTBAC
Protein in Wheaties GLUTENIN
Put forward as a basis of argument POSITED
R.N.'s place ICU
Recycling ___ BIIN
Reference aids for artists COLORWHEELS
Retainer FEE
Ritalin target, for short ADHHD
River mammal OTTTER
Salacious stuff SMUT
Seek revenge on, in a way SUE
Singer with the 2016 #1 hit 'Cheap Thrills' SIA
Singular LONE
Sleekly designed AERO
Soft-rock singer who received Kennedy Center Honors in 2016 JAMESTAYLOR
Some printer hues CYANS
Something dogs may pull SLED
Sources of weekly N.C.A.A. rankings APPOLLS
Spanish phrase meaning 'Enough is enough!' BASTAYA
Spice Girl also known as Sporty Spice MELC
Stage before pupa LARVA
State bordering the Pacific JALISCOMEXICO
Stuff of legends LORE
Stun WOW
Suggestion for a reading circle, informally BOOKREC
Sunbather in the tropics IGUANA
Takedown pieces, slangily HITJOBS
Term of address from one girlfriend to another SSIS
The common folk HOIPOLLOI
Took a course? ATTE
Top of the Alps? SKICAP
Train between N.Y.C. and Montauk LIRR
Trucker with a transmitter CBER
Volcanic residue ASH
What a bitter person might try to settle OLDSCORE
What the thumbs-up emoji can mean YES
Word after meal or before school PREP
Work with feet? POEM
___ king ALAA
___ Min Lee, victim in the podcast 'Serial' HAE