Universal - Aug 31 2019

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Clues Answers
"... man ___ mouse?" ORA
"Dunkirk" director Christopher NOLAN
"Stretch" ride LIMO
"When I give the signal" ONMYCUE
"___ we there yet?" ARE
2020 hopeful Cory BOOKER
Admit responsibility OWNUP
Analyze PARSE
Anonymous love letter senders (Rhonda Byrne) SECRETADMIRERS
Arrow groove NOCK
Article that can be added to 20-, 25-, 42- and 48-Across' starts to form book titles THE
Average guy JOE
Award for Chloe Kim or Roger Federer ESPY
Be silent, in music TACET
Berry in a bowl ACAI
Birthstone for many Capricorns GARNET
Bit of work ERG
Bright sign type NEON
Button in James Bond's car EJECT
Completed DID
Cupid, to the Greeks EROS
Dark makeup wearer, often GOTH
Do a CPA's job PREP
Eight: Prefix OCTO
Flashes of glory (Stephen King) SHININGMOMENTS
Flowers in a bouquet ROSES
Gave the nod to OKED
Golden ___ Bridge GATE
Good grasps of business? (John Grisham) FIRMHANDSHAKES
Hatcher of "Desperate Housewives" TERI
Horn sounds TOOTS
Hum, as an engine PURR
Hydrogen, for one GAS
Instrument with pedals HARP
Intoxicating HEADY
Kazakh/Uzbek sea ARAL
Lab assistant not in Shelley's novel IGOR
Clues Answers
Move to action STIR
Neil Armstrong made one giant leap for it MANKIND
Netflix horror show (Albert Camus) STRANGERTHINGS
New Haven university YALE
Nothing-but-net sound SWISH
Old dagger (SEEN anagram) SNEE
One may start with @ TWEET
Place to merge ONRAMP
Plays a Charmin prank on, briefly TPS
Plus-one at a party DATE
Ponderous volume TOME
Popular succulent ALOE
Province by four Great Lakes ONTARIO
Reclined LAIN
Response to a ques ANS
Sasha or Malia OBAMA
Satisfactory FINE
Show to a table SEAT
Single squats, say REPS
Stanford specialty, for short TECH
Switch settings OFFS
Szechuan cuisine relative HUNAN
Tableland MESA
Tallahassee sch FSU
Tesla, for the Model S, 3, X or Y MAKE
They say "Arrr!" PIRATES
Thigh muscle, slangily HAMMY
Trade (with) SWAP
Wake-up call alternative ALARM
Welcome sights? MATS
What an angry cat does SPITS
What the weary get, it's said NOREST
World-weariness ENNUI
___ Crue MOTLEY