Wall Street Journal - Aug 31 2019 - Transitive Verbs

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Clues Answers
“Ack!” YIPES
“Beau Travail” director Claire DENIS
“Beloved” protagonist SETHE
“Good one!” elicitor, perhaps ZING
“Mad Money” network CNBC
“Quiet!” HUSHUP
“The Boondocks” neighbor TOM
“To be,” to poets IAMB
“We’re on!” ITSAGO
“Well, ___-di-dah!” LAH
*Budding houseplant? POTTEDSHOOT
*Convert from a drone to a piloted craft? MAKEMANNED
*Diocese where the clergy get drunk? BUZZEDSEE
*Get the sensation of being given 20 percent? FEELTIPPED
*Hors d’oeuvre that’s been carefully instructed? DRILLEDBITE
*Lamp covered in lipstick stains? FRENCHEDLIGHT
*Vacation that’s just for show? STAGEDLEAVE
2016 Rihanna album ANTI
Aggressive Olympian ARES
Allow to enroll ADMIT
At hand ONTAP
Avoid atrophy, in a rhyming dichotomy USEIT
Back-and-forth involving seven pairs of words in this puzzle’s starred answers TENSEEXCHANGE
Before, antiquatedly ERE
Being, in Belleville ETRE
Belarusian, perhaps SLAV
Belief statement CREDO
Big citrus fruit POMELO
Bind securely LASH
Boxer Khan AMIR
Breadbasket GUT
Broadcasting ONAIR
Brown with a country band ZAC
Bumpy amphibian TOAD
Capital on the Persian Gulf DOHA
Casablanca setting MOROCCO
Casino calculation ODDS
Castle-storming hurdle MOAT
Cathedral city of Cambridgeshire ELY
Cause to be loved ENDEAR
Chianti, for one RED
Chowed down ATE
Clarifying Latin words IDEST
Clio, e.g MUSE
Club cousins BLTS
Cologne mister HERR
Colorlines.com subject RACE
Comic book workers INKERS
Connecticut collegians ELIS
Corrupt morally DEBAUCH
Craft whose name means “little hook” CROCHET
Crown ACME
Current values AMPERES
Custodian, at times MOPPER
Demonstrate PROTEST
Dijon denial NON
Drum kit parts HIHATS
Easily the tallest member of the Papa John’s board of directors ONEAL
Encouraging sort COAXER
Field work REAPING
Fortune LUCK
Gallery draw ARTSALE
Gangland gun GAT
General drift TREND
Get hangry, dramatically STARVE
Gomez’s hairy cousin ITT
He’s next to Teddy on Mount Rushmore ABE
Clues Answers
Herbs grown in wise acres? SAGES
Hybrid mobile device PHABLET
Iberian invader MOOR
Instant message pioneer AOL
It forms Myanmar’s border with Laos MEKONG
It runs NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory CALTECH
Kitchen calamity GREASEFIRE
Loot for the Knave of Hearts TARTS
Manila folder protrusion TAB
Many an emailed form PDF
Middle epoch of the Paleogene EOCENE
Millennials, e.g., for short DEMO
Mold in the freezer ICETRAY
Morsel for a fantasy league junkie STAT
Most prepared to pitch LOOSEST
Narrow SLIM
No fast food, by the sound of it SLOE
Not betraying TRUETO
Not yet eliminated INIT
Old-school 81-Down EGADS
Org. based in the Orville Wright Federal Building FAA
Overt footsie and such, for short PDA
Palindromic honk TOOT
Paper pack REAM
Pit mix’s comment ARF
Plotting UPTO
Poker do-overs REDEALS
Porcupines, prairie dogs and pack rats RODENTS
Prevention publisher HEARST
Printer need TONER
Psyche parts EGOS
Puts a belt around GIRDS
Rainforest visit, perhaps ECOTOUR
Ready for pulling the plow, perhaps SHOD
Reassuring text during a disaster IMSAFE
Romanov ruler TSAR
Screwed up ERRED
Secret alternative BAN
Show a short trailer for TEASE
Sieve waters flow into it ARNO
Sites of doc work ERS
Snail shell shape SPIRAL
Social-planning website EVITE
Some Stratego pieces SPIES
Southwestern resort TAOS
Spend some of DIPINTO
Spoke with a croak RASPED
Sporty Toyota SUPRA
Start of school? ESS
Stop on the Walt Disney World Monorail System EPCOT
Sushi order with shrimp tempura, avocado and cucumber DRAGONROLL
That lady HER
They might be hidden AGENDAS
Threw out TOSSED
Tiny target of smashing ATOM
Tyler of “Criminal Minds” AISHA
Tyler who played Colin Powell in “Vice” PERRY
Tyrant’s proclamations EDICTS
Unbending RIGID
Versatile ride DROPTOP
Wagyu hub KOBE
What overachievers raise THEBAR
What the percent on a milk carton represents FATCONTENT
Word on a stamp PAID
World’s largest Arab country ALGERIA
Wraps again during a timeout RETAPES
Yeasayer’s activity ECHOING
Zola’s “J’accuse...!” for one OPENLETTER