- Aug 30 2019

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Clues Answers
''I need this yesterday'' ASAP
''Oops . . .'' OHNO
''Pow!'' follower in cartoons OOF
''Silas Marner'' author ELIOT
''Surface'' figure AREA
1,000-gallon container VAT
61 Down less than 33 Across TROIS
700, long before 700 DCC
Add up to ARE
Air Marshal employer TSA
Bay of __ (Indian Ocean arm) BENGAL
Big logical step LEAP
Briskly cold CRISP
Campaign catchphrase SLOGAN
Celtic music superstar ENYA
Chemical in oven cleaners LYE
Color close to cream ECRU
Common grade-school pastime SOCCER
Condescending connoisseur SNOB
Costco competitor SAMS
Diarist from Paris' suburbs NIN
Disjoin SEVER
Doesn't tip STIFFS
Dystopian novels like ''The Carbon Diaries'' CLIFI
Ecclesiastical cups CHALICES
Editorial retraction STET
End of quote HAVENOTSAID
Enumerates LISTS
Feel sympathy ACHE
Filmmaker Coen ETHAN
Flap one's yap GAB
For an hour or two AWHILE
Ford behind the Continental EDSEL
Gem Staters' pride TATERS
High-pitched bird sound TWEE
Initial, as a cruise MAIDEN
Clues Answers
Iran's official religion SHIA
It's handled in brewpubs ALETAP
It's next to nothing ONE
Italian bacon PANCETTA
Jakarta's island JAVA
Keys are found there FLORIDA
Literary VIPs LIONS
Looking up ROSY
Mend things SEW
Middle of quote HURTBYWHATI
Minimally multiple DUAL
Name meaning ''faithful'' FIDEL
Numerous Vermont retreats INNS
Others' THEIR
Page of personal views OPED
Philippe's foursome QUATRE
Pod, essentially SEEDCASE
Preserve, perhaps CAN
Profit from USE
Recording star, in the biz ARTIST
Sound astonished GASP
Sounded nostalgic SIGHED
Source of quote CALVINCOOLIDGE
Start of a quote IHAVENEVERBEEN
Stephen King's Saint Bernard CUJO
Strand in a genetics lab RNA
Streep's chef role CHILD
Turmoil ADO
Venue for wildflowers MEADOW
Vision-related, in product names OPTI
What Boca Burgers lack BEEF
Where ''Madama Butterfly'' premiered LASCALA
Winged symbol of wisdom OWL
Winter hrs. in Helena MST
Worst nightmare FEAR
Yale of Yale University ELIHU