Irish Times (Simplex) - Aug 30 2019

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Clues Answers
Afternoon repast TEA
Animal traps SNARES
Area of marshy or swampy ground MORASS
Beast of desert regions CAMEL
Brittle, crunchy CRISP
Carries out something EXECUTES
Covering for head and shoulders SHAWL
Deserts, forsakes ABANDONS
Dish of deep-friend prawns SCAMPI
Effigies worshipped as gods IDOLS
Electromagnetic waves, for medical diagnoses, say XRAYS
Fidgety, uneasy RESTLESS
Grow vigorously THRIVE
Having no beginning or end INFINITE
Health resort SPA
Held the same opinion AGREED
Highly-priced EXPENSIVE
Hit with a hand tool with heavy rigid head and handle HAMMERED
Clues Answers
Light-hearted raillery BANTER
Midday meal LUNCH
Natural gas considered a hazard to health RADON
One who fights bulls TOREADOR
Ovine animal-keeper SHEPHERD
Picking, choosing SELECTING
Piquant sauce or pickle RELISH
Re-use old material REHASH
Rent or allow LET
Separate into portions DIVIDE
Tennis serve that an opponent can't reach ACE
That's life for the French (1'3,2,3) CESTLAVIE
They claim one can't have true knowledge of the existence of God AGNOSTICS
Unexpected, without warning SUDDEN
Walks with heavy footfall TRAMPS
Wandered about with no destination ROAMED
Weariness or boredom ENNUI
Went, came or brought back RETURNED